3 rounds – New Piaggio MP3 530: official photo and first MNC info

Nouveau Piaggio MP3 530 : photo officielle et premières infos MNC

Piaggio, the forerunner and leader in 3-wheel scooters for 16 years, is preparing to renew its star model for 2022: the MP3 500, which itself occupies a third of the French volume. Remember that France is – by far – the leading market for three-wheeled scooters with around 11,000 pieces per year, a good half of the total production!

  • MNC folder :
  • MNC folder :

The new MP3 500 will be unveiled at the end of June, with tests scheduled for June 28 in Paris: deadlines for checking on many “commuters” seduced by a large number of Ponteder tripods that can be driven with a simple driver’s license (B) – and seven hours of training – in accordance with the permissible legislation L5e for three-wheeled vehicles.

To increase the sauce, Piaggio reveals on his social networks the first photo of this highly anticipated replacement with an explicit description: “Only. Select the originalThe manufacturer wants to keep up with its increasingly urgent competition, led mainly by the Peugeot Metropolis 400 and the Yamaha Tricity 300.

Another threat taken seriously: the new Kymco CV3 and its unique 50.3 hp twin, the first on the market! It’s probably no coincidence that Piaggio reveals a photo of his next MP3 500 just in the week when his Taiwanese competitor lets us test his CV3 (test comes: stay tuned!).

530 cc single cylinder and blind spot detector

Will this “power rise” encourage the Italians to add a cylinder to stay on top? No: Moto-Net.Com has learned from a reliable source that the new MP3 will retain its original single-cylinder architecture, but that its displacement will increase from 493 cc to approximately 530 cc, an increase of 40 cc.

This drill would allow it to improve its performance and torque, which currently stands at 43.5 hp and 47 Nm for the MP3 500 HPE: MNC estimates that this potential “MP3 530” should provide approximately 47 hp and approximately 50 Nm . enough to hold a 399cc single-cylinder Peugeot and a 292cc Yamaha while responding to the arrival of the powerful CV3.

  • MNC duel:
  • MNC duel :

The advantage of this single-cylinder format: size. MP3 thus retains a huge space under the saddle, when his Taiwanese rival is precisely limited by the space occupied by his twin. For information, the CV3 storage turned out to be a little too small for our modular Schuberth C5 to fit in during our test: Piaggio accepts two helmets!

Other “recklessness” came to the attention of the MNC: another MP3 500 gets a blind spot detector, a device derived from the car that BMW introduced on its C650. This system, informed by the radar, informs with a light signal in the rearview mirror that the vehicle will arrive in the rear three-quarter zone – the blind spot zone when overtaking. Information can also be displayed on the dashboard.

Reversing camera for forward travel!

Speaking of instrumentation, the future “MP3 530” should also be given a facelift to replicate the color and connected dashboards of its competitors: the new tricycle expects a TFT screen with Bluetooth connectivity. But that’s not all: this new equipment would also display the image returned by the unprecedented … reversing camera!

In this way, Piaggio wants to confirm its advantage last year by integrating reverse on its three-wheeled scooter: thanks to this reversing camera, worthy of a well-equipped car, the next MP3 will be easier to maneuver with reverse!

Will all this be enough to continue the cheeky “march forward” towards success? Continued on MNC, stay tuned!

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