40 real facts that make your back chill

40 real facts that make your back chill

History is full of small details that textbooks cannot contain. Nevertheless, with the magic of the Internet and especially documentation over the millennia, it is always possible to learn more about our ancestors. And over the ages, our elders have seen a number of real facts from which chills run down our spines. From Disney gas masks to elves seen from the ISS, science has made great discoveries. Facts shared by Bored Panda that we invite you to discover below.

The # 1 gas mask from Disney to make children less afraid of the gas that spread during World War II

# 2 lethal dose of fentanyl

# 3 A raccoon steals granules through gaps in wooden planks

# 4 Images of the surface of Venus transmitted by the Soviet spacecraft Venus in 1981

# 5 Amoeba (genus Amoeba) observed under a microscope

# 6 in the mouth of a leather turtle

# 7 Chilled lava that looks like a body

# 8 The last shadow of one of the victims of Hiroshima

# 9 St. Lambert Church in Münster, Germany, where 3 cages contained the remains of three revolutionaries

# 10 Butron Castle, Spain

# 11 Church in Louisiana

# 12 Hebridean, sheep having two pairs of horns

# 13 when the golf ball meets the doll’s head

# 14 In the 1940s, a man named Tony Signorini left huge footprints on a Florida beach. the locals believed in the presence of a giant penguin. the truth will not be revealed until 1988

# 15 Statue of Saint Bartholomew withdrawn from the Duomo of Milan

# 16 Thunderstorm at an altitude of 9000 meters

# 17 A grave in Natchez, Mississippi, United States that contains the remains of Florence Irene Ford, who died in 1871 of yellow fever. Her mother had a small window installed in front of the coffin and built a staircase to calm her during the storm.

# 18 Old wetsuit

# 19 when tomato seeds begin to germinate before release

# 20 Right, what Michael Jackson should look like without cosmetic surgery

# 21 Angel according to the biblical description

# 22 elves, categorylightning occurring in the high atmosphere according to stormy weather

# 23 The face of the first aid training dummy was not invented, it is taken from the face of Inconnue de la Seine, a young model who died of tuberculosis around 1875

# 24 scientist and basketball covered in Vantablack, the deepest black ever achieved in 2019

# 25 Concrete hallway

# 26 Terraced Cemetery in Hong Kong

# 27 “Poison Garden” in Alnwick, England, where a hundred plants can kill you

# 28 Whale Shark Gills

# 29 person with coloboma, abnormal development of lens, iris, choroid or retina during embryonic life

# 30 mummified crocodiles

# 31 interesting mirror

# 32 Illuminated room in an abandoned hospital

# 33 skeleton of a pregnant bat

# 34 Spanish dancer

# 35 house built on an old well

# 36 huge cobweb

# 37 ant seen from very close

# 38 Intact human nervous system dissected in 1925 by two medical students. The operation lasted more than 1,500 hours. There are only 4 in the world

# 39 sleeping whale

# 40 A mummified monk’s body discovered after an X-ray of a thousand-year-old Buddhist statue

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