A handful a day speeds up metabolism, regulates the gut! Here is a source of antioxidants and Omega 3

Günde Tek Bir Avuç Metabolizmayı Hızlandırıyor, Bağırsağı Düzenliyor! İşte Antioksidan ve Omega 3 Kaynağı O Bitki

These small seeds will be a health concentrate for you and you should consume a maximum of 25 g of raw food per day. These are especially digestible dishes that are ideal for adding to soups, breads and leavened doughs and cakes. It is also good to add to fresh jams to reduce the assimilation of sugars, due to the high fiber content they contain.

These seeds can be an excellent fish substitute for vitamins and omega 3 for consumption in a whole vegetation diet. We are talking about chia seeds.

Chia seeds will be an excellent source of many valuable microelements, such as zinc, magnesium, calcium, phosphorus, potassium and especially iron. They also contain large amounts of vitamins, such as group B vitamins. In addition, chia seeds are a great source of omega 3 and good fats necessary for the central nervous system. In addition to being rich in antioxidants, it also significantly affects the processes of aging and cell degeneration.


Due to the high percentage of fiber, chia seeds are a suitable food for regulating intestinal activity. In other words, they fight constipation by feeding intestinal microbiots.

It is always the presence of fiber that makes them ideal for controlling diseases such as obesity, diabetes and heart disease. Fiber actually makes us feel very full, which will lead us to eat less. One handful a day will be enough to kick-start metabolism, keep weight and hunger under control, which will prove to be excellent allies on reduction diets. They also have a strong hydrating ability because they can absorb a percentage of water equal to 10 times their own weight.


These seeds will also have excellent energizing and nourishing properties, in fact they are perfect for consumption immediately after prolonged exercise as an alternative to energizing drinks. They are also great when served as a snack or added to yogurt.



As mentioned above, these seeds facilitate intestinal motility and can also be used for purely laxative purposes for those suffering from evacuation disorders. Soak 1 or 2 tablespoons of chia seeds for 24 hours. Then drink the resulting mixture on an empty stomach.


Due to the high percentage of fiber contained in chia seeds, it is better not to exceed the recommended daily allowances. High doses can cause indigestion.

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