A nice top 10 for Vettel, Stroll in Aston Martin F1 does not exist

A nice top 10 for Vettel, Stroll in Aston Martin F1 does not exist

Sebastian Vettel finished 9th in Monaco today after a solid performance in qualifying, barely in the top ten thanks to a penalty by Esteban Ocon.

The German may have outperformed the car due to the low potential of his car and made no mistake, even though his strategy was not optimal. Good weekend, but for one thing.

“Today it was a race where anything could happen, but in fact it was quite a clean and simple race for me. We managed to get a point, which is a good effort, because in Monaco it is always difficult to improve, especially with a single dry line in the race. Given the way the race went, I don’t think we could have finished higher. It was really hard with the rain tires in the first laps, so we switched to medium as soon as possible. »

“We also learned more about the car, we optimized the settings with the new parts we recently introduced. All these steps lead us in the right direction for the upcoming races. »

Lance Stroll crashed into the railing in Massenet behind the safety car right at the start of the event and it was basically the only peak of his race (he finished 14th).

“I knew it would be hard to get points when I started so far and the race would be challenging in the rain, but there are also positives. We made the right choice when we switched to medium tires very soon, because it was clearly the best compound. Overtaking is difficult in Monaco, so overtaking [Yuki] The tsunoda in La Rascasse was good and the car proved to be increasingly competitive – especially given the slower corners. Overall, the race gave us plenty of opportunities to continue learning about the latest car developments. I am convinced that in the near future we will be able to develop a car for slower and faster circuits. »

Mike Krack, the team’s boss, especially congratulates his leader Sebastian Vettel, who saved the furniture for the Aston Martin F1 this Sunday.

“Sebastian drove well to handle tire wear and was able to stay within 5.0 seconds[Esteban] Ocon, who turned his 11th place into 10th after Ocon’s penalty was awarded: a hard-earned World Cup point for us. »

“Lance also did his best in difficult conditions, but overtaking is practically impossible here, so points were still out of sight for him today. »

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