Alpego High-end equipment tarnished by reputation Made in Italia

Alpego High-end equipment tarnished by reputation Made in Italia

The Pegoraro family, the owner of the Alpego brand, relies heavily on the quality of their products to stand out from the bad reputation that Italian brands still suffer. Each stage of the production process is carefully inspected to ensure that no defects slip through the cracks. The work that has been in place since 2021 has made France the largest market for the manufacturer’s tools. The results of a survey conducted on Terre-net go in this direction, although a third of farmers remain convinced that Italian brands are less reliable than others.

The Alpego range of cultivators is known and appreciated by agricultural suppliers for its robustness. (© Alpego)

Lhis honey “Experience days”meetings organized with its distribution network of 60 dealers with regular and planned activities, Alpego he stressed that he still too often suffered from a bad image due to his Italian origin. Lack of reliability, “low-end” quality, problem with durability … there are no highlighted defects.

However, according to a survey conducted on the Terre-net from 17 to 24 May, the feeling expressed by the Italian brand seems outdated, as 65% of 1,616 respondents believe that Italian brands are neither worse nor better than others. One third still means, ie 30.2%, that “Made in Italia” is less reliable than others.

France = 1st export market for Alpego equipment

Nevertheless, the manufacturer has built a reputation in France thanks to its range of high-performance revolving gates. Equipment appreciated by agricultural companies for its durability and high working speed. The French market also became the company’s leading export country, and in 2021 it overtook Italy. It should be noted that the turnover of the brand of 40 million euros is achieved at 70% in exports. To achieve this performance, 4,000 machines left the factory in 2021.

Alpego shoulder crusherAlthough the brand has built its development on high-performance rotary harrows, the units are the best-selling arm mulchers in France. (© Alpego)

At present, the manufacturer does not encounter any difficulties in delivering the ordered machines to its operators. After two years of pandemics and crises, 95% of the announced deadlines were met. A criterion that may make a difference in the current context. In addition to respecting the availability of machinery, the explosion in the prices of steel and some components brings other difficulties. Here, too, the Pegoraro family’s philosophy leads to the conclusion of trust agreements with its suppliers. The result: long-term commitments pay off for everyone, allowing, for example, to avoid the transport problems that manufacturers face today, which further complicates the supply of tools.

Continuous quality control

In terms of quality, just visit one of the production sites (Almisano, Gambellara or Lonigo) to understand that the brand’s philosophy is close to the standards of the famous “Deutsch Qualitat”. State-of-the-art LED laser cutting systems, welding robots, a modern painting line … every step is designed so that quality does not stand in the background. Many parts are manufactured in-house and on pallets from external service providers, and components are systematically inspected before entering the supply chain. Either the components are randomly selected for inspection or, like the gearboxes, they are carefully inspected one by one to ensure compliance. If a defect is detected, the part or even the entire batch is rejected.

Alpego plant ItalyPallets of external components are inspected prior to assembly line integration to detect the slightest upstream anomaly. (© Alpego)

Another element in favor of quality: factories run at 90% of their capacity. The purpose is to keep a certain reserve so that it is possible to absorb the peak of activity if necessary, but above all not to work in close flow and thus not reduce the quality of production. Finally, in order to best support its network of dealers and farmers, the manufacturer provides a series of training videos through its “Alpego training channel” YouTube channel, which make it easier to put the machines into operation. Without forgetting the instructions for use, service books or adjustment manuals … everything is available in a downloadable version on the Alpego website. This means that all the tools in the catalog (rotary harrows and cultivators, cultivators, front hoppers, seed drills, cultivators …) are all there!

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