Alpine F1 will deploy its two cars to Q3 in Monaco

Alpine F1 will deploy its two cars to Q3 in Monaco

Two Alpine F1 cars will start tomorrow in the Monaco Grand Prix in the top 10. Fernando Alonso qualified in seventh place and Esteban Ocon in tenth place during an exciting Saturday afternoon at Rock.

Both men failed and were able to start even higher on the grid, but Fernando failed to finish the second round in Q3 after hitting the wall in the 7th corner, while Esteban did not notice a significant lap on the new tires due to the red. a flag that terminated the session prematurely.

Despite a short red flag in Q1, both riders fought their way to Q2, with Esteban improving his first lap to 1 m12,848 s, while Fernando’s first attempt to complete the round in 1 ’13’ ‘394 allowed the Spaniard to enter the second stage of qualifying. no worries.

In Q2, Fernando approached the top 6 with a set of new tires thanks to a time of 1’12”721. With the tires worn out, Esteban set a time of 1’13”055, which also put him in the top 10. Both riders then put on soft tires on the second attempt. Esteban jumped in the order with about 1 m 12,528 s to the sixth place, which was joined in Q3 by Fernando with about 1 m 12,688 s.

After using the new tires in Q1, Esteban had only one set of softs on Q3, while Fernando still had two. After his first flying lap, Fernando finished fifth in 1: 12,247. Esteban, to whom he used 1’13 ” 047 with his used tires, was tenth.

Unfortunately, they were unable to start the second attempt, training was interrupted prematurely by waving a red flag after the accident of Sergio Pérez in the 8th turn.

“After three comprehensive free practices where our performance failed, it is a great feeling that we can invite us to Q3 in Monaco. We knew that qualification was key and we focused on finding the right setting after testing different things yesterday and today. However, I have mixed feelings as I was about to do a great last lap before this incident was interrupted by training. Nevertheless, we showed that the rhythm is there, and we managed to break it out at the right time thanks to the good work of the team. Tomorrow we will have both cars in the top 10, and since the rain is expected, it promises to be interesting because we know anything can happen. »

At the same time, Fernando dropped out slightly at Mirabeau, but fortunately the damage to his A522 was minimal.

“Although we took a big step forward with the car today and our qualifications are good, if we stick to the position on the grid, we could have placed even better. On the first try in Q3, I moved to fifth place. And given the development of the track, I think we were able to maintain this position. Unfortunately, I blocked the wheels when braking at Mirabeau. Losing concentration in Monaco, even if it’s only a fraction of a second, can have big consequences. So I apologize to the team. Nevertheless, we will see what awaits us tomorrow. Especially since if it comes to rain at a party, it can be very chaotic, with a few safety lines and red flags. If it rains, I’m sure it will be great to watch on TV, but very stressful inside the car! »

Otmar Szafnauer, the team boss, closes this positive day despite this accident at the end of the track.

“We are happy to be able to place our two cars in the top 10 today. Especially since we were able to make good progress this afternoon during free practice and during this important qualifying compared to yesterday. We had the potential to be even higher at the start than in seventh and tenth place, but unfortunately we were unable to finish the rounds in Q3, which was completed earlier than expected due to the red flag. It happens and we’ll see what we could do to make sure we maximize our potential in future Q3 races. Fernando also drove off easily and caused some damage to his car. But they are small, especially compared to the big accidents that can happen in Monaco, so this will be repaired and ready for tomorrow’s race. There is some uncertainty about the weather forecast, we will be careful. But rain or drought, we are in a strong position to achieve a good result with our two cars. »

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