An explanation of the pool and the sea, which scares the expert. Your eye health may deteriorate

An explanation of the pool and the sea, which scares the expert.  Your eye health may deteriorate

According to DHA reports; Kiss. Dr. Aylin Koç Akbay said that direct contact with the pool and the sea with the arrival of the summer months increases the risk of eye infection and stressed that the risk of infection is higher, especially in children.

Akbay warned“If you wear contact lenses when swimming in a pool or at sea, take them off. Wear safety goggles. If you wear lenses in the summer months, switch to day lenses to protect yourself from chemicals.” used phrases.

Kiss. Dr. Aylin Koç Akbay said that especially if a person wears contact lenses or has some eye surgery, the person’s susceptibility to infection increases.


Continuing Akbay’s statement, “There is always a risk of infection in swimming pools that are not properly cleaned and cleaned with the wrong chemical. This condition is also contagious. The resulting infection can cause scarring of the cornea. used phrases.


Kiss. Dr. Aylin Koc Akbay, “If the patient wears contact lenses, the chemicals present in the pool can cause microtraumatic damage to the corneal surface and cause the infection to spread faster. This causes corneal ulcers. Even if an ulcer occurs, the patient may have vision loss. The rate of vision loss varies. ” he said.

“If it’s blurred, go to the doctor”

List of symptoms of infection, Op. Dr. Aylin Koc Akbay, “The first symptoms are redness, itching, severe pain, sensitivity to light and gradual blurred vision. Blurring usually begins one-sided and rarely continues with both eyes. Those who have these symptoms should definitely see a doctor. In their own opinion, the drug should never be used. Because especially some drugs can cause more serious corneal damage and dramatize the event even more. They can use artificial tears to the maximum. “ he said.


The statement that people should definitely have an eye examination done before they go on summer vacation, Op. Dr. Aylin Koç Akbay said:

“It’s important to know their vision and see if they’re wearing the right lenses. Monthly contact lenses are common in Turkey. However, day lenses should be worn in summer. These substances accumulate on the contact lens in cases such as creams applied to protect the sun in summer, swimming in the pool and the sea, and the use of make-up materials. This increases the frequency of the infection. If possible, do not enter the pool and the sea with lenses. Because once an infection occurs, it can be difficult to treat. Also choose quality swimming goggles. You should definitely go out with sunglasses at the sun, which will hit you just at noon. ”

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