And when will the Frenchman Carlos Alcaraz arrive?

And when will the Frenchman Carlos Alcaraz arrive?

And Roland Garros,

We do not deny the unfettered enthusiasm that some Tarantino scenarios provided in the early days. But it’s here, it’s only Friday and French players still on the men’s table are as rare as the LREM candidate for the parliamentary elections without a pelvis in the ass. We are therefore forced, despite our love for Gaston and Simon, to return to existential jealousy. But why, why, after two millennia of Spain imposing a yoke on us, has it still discovered a seed with premature maturity that no one has seen from Rafa, while tricolor tennis is snooping around in every corner to reveal its Carlos Alcaraz? WHY, WHY DO WE NOT HAVE A RIGHT OF LUCK ????

“You will spend 2 rounds with us and end up at the Cannes Film Festival”

To tell you how frustrating this is, we found ourselves pushing quietly behind Ramos-Vinolas last night, secretly hoping that the new wonder of world tennis would be miserable against a 75-year-old compatriot. But no, the guy is already building his legend based on degling passes and saved match points after four hours of play, encouraged by prepubescent children who have already betrayed the lack of such a promising idol at home. It is this Franco-French irritation from the unfulfilled search for the great champion that provides part of the answer, and it is the only winner of the Grand Slam tricolor, Yannick Noah, who says so 20 minutes.

“To get on the cover of a Spanish tennis magazine, you have to beat everyone. All you have to do is spend two rounds with us and play the match at Central, you have the first page and then you go to the festival in Cannes. It really happened and much more! In Spain you have Nadal, of course, Moya, who won three Roland-Garros, Bruguera, you know about the victory. If you want people to talk about you, the bar is high for you to make a name for yourself. ”

Richard Gasquet, the last teenager from a domestic genius, confirms half a word in his biography Conversely, against everything, which was published by Stock this week, about his youthful rivalry with Nadal. “I once talked to his Uncle Toni about how much they valued working in the pleasant shade on their island without pressure.” They lived with Carlos Moya, the grand slam winner. Even in his small circuit, he was considered a simple hope that still had to prove everything. We didn’t care about Nadal in Spain! This kind of centralized federation that we have in France did not exist, a big machine that tries to improve the model with the smallest nugget. In feverish anticipation of Yannick Noah’s successor, I was fired. »

Coach level, heritage site

A famous media pressure that would too quickly accompany the course of a vaguely successful boy as a junior? Remorse was addressed to us often enough not to reject it with a contemptuous gesture. However, this is not French evil. To return to him, Spain also had its share of the fallen stars some time ago. Carlos Boluda, a two-time winner at Les Petits As in 2006 and 2007, left the ramp last year without reaching the top 200: “I could never have imagined that a child I was 11 or 12 could raise so much expectation and pressure . »

Proof that it was not self-evident that Alcaraz swallowed the pressure on his neck so that he became the 6th in the world 20 years ago. The construction of a champion, which we constantly repeat in or near the richest Fed in the world, is as much a matter of individual will as the result of developments in an archi-tagged system like France.

so what? Let’s dive back into our Ritchie’s book, which evokes another clue: “I missed a great coach at the beginning of my professional career. Someone who really knows who has a high level of experience and masters a range of skills necessary to support the best of hopes, from mental to technical and tactical match management. Even today, this situation is a great regret. I confirm this with greater certainty that I analyzed Alcaraz’s first steps on the circuit under the leadership of Juan Carlos Ferrer, the Roland-Garros winner. It is certain that Ferrero saved this player for three years. I envy Alcaraz, he enjoys an invaluable treasure. »

Openness to private academies

This idea is all the more interesting because it goes against what French tennis likes to think of it: a land of great technicians who train the most creative players on the circuit, or almost, the rest is the responsibility of everyone, the characters who reveal themselves or not. . Everything is true there: the legitimacy of the national team coaches and their failure among the boys. We remember this trust of Winogradsky, the first coach of Jo-Wilfried Tsonga, in their final at the Australian Open in 2008. fast … That day was stronger than Djokovic, but he did not know how to return it when necessary and I did not know how tell him. »

In addition, Tsonga is trying to fix this in a way by sponsoring a team of young talent, BNP Paribas. These are not the recommendations of the Grand Slam winner, but of the two-time semi-finalist Roland, and you can take it: It is good that a player like him can pass on his experience to us. It encourages us to take care of him, and it guides us early in our careers. »

A brand new retiree also offered a private academy, which La FFT no longer sees as a big bad wolf. The latter has long sworn to the dominant local club / France / CNT model in Paris, which did not only bring misfortune. But Alcaraz hatched in Murcia, in a lost corner, and never needed to go to Madrid to train him according to size.

Carlos Alcaraz and Grand Slam winner. – David Winter / Shutterstock / SIPA

“France is a tennis nation, it will come back”

Commentary by Jean-René Lisnard, founder of the Elite Center in Cannes, where Daniil Medvedev trains: “I do not understand where there is a complicated dialogue between the Fed and the academies. If the Frenchman wins the US Open tomorrow, whether he coached in Italy, in the center of Angoulême, in the CNE or in England with his father, it’s the same. “We will even add that private projects, all based in the south of France, offer the opportunity for outdoor training throughout the year, a shortcoming identified for the best French hopes based in Paris. Gonzalo Lopez, Diane Parry’s coach, forced his trustee to tour South America to cut his teeth: “In Paris, he trains constantly in the hall, he needs to make long matches, build points, learn to glide. »

“We must not stay in this negative spiral, which may not be the case, Judge Camille Pin, the tournament consultant for Amazon. France is a tennis nation, it will be reflected. Maybe we need to settle things and work together. Everyone wants more. Start with the great potential of tomorrow? Pauline Parmentier, who dropped the rockets in 2020, sometimes marvels at the desire of beginning professionals:

“It’s a completely different generation than ours. The last time I discussed a finale in Miami with a young person, she didn’t watch or see the summary. It’s your sport, it’s where you want to go, be curious, go find it. This must be passed on to the young, “it all trains.” “In this case, we hope that many of them have decided to admire the fury of Alcaraz’s victory against Ramos-Vinolas.” You can’t buy it in Carrefour, as the great French patriot Kylian Mbappé would say.

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