Anti-Covid Vaccine: What is the urge to urinate, this new adverse effect?

Anti-Covid Vaccine: What is the urge to urinate, this new adverse effect?

Significant urinary tract problems have been identified in a significant proportion.

Anti-Covid Vaccine: What is the urge to urinate this new side effect?

The Side effects of vaccine against covid they are known, mild to moderate and usually of short duration. The National Medicines Agency (ANSM) recently published an exhaustive list side effects which can be caused by vaccines Pfizer and modern.

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Hyperactive bladder

Among them (some effects are specific to Moderna * and others to Pfizer **, are individually marked with one or two asterisks. If not specified, this is a common effect):

– Pain at the injection site
– Fatigue, headaches
– joint ache
– Cold, fever
– joint and muscle pain
– Diarrhea
– Insomnia **
– Excessive sweating (day or night) **
– Decreased appetite **
– Feeling weak or lacking in energy / sleepiness **
– Nausea, vomiting
– Injection site reactions (redness, hives, swelling); with Moderna, these reactions may be delayed
– Skin rash
– Swollen lymph nodes
– Insomnia
– Nausea, dizziness *
– Itching at the injection site
– Hypoaesthesia * (reduced sensitivity or sensitivity, especially to the skin) or paraesthesia ** (unusual sensations on the skin such as tingling or tingling)
– Facial paralysis
– Facial edema
– Inflammation of the heart muscle (myocarditis) or inflammation of the lining outside the heart (pericarditis), which may cause shortness of breath, palpitations or chest pain.
– a skin reaction that causes red spots or blemishes on the skin that may look like a target or ’roundel’ with a dark red center surrounded by lighter red rings (erythema multiforme), an allergic reaction (hives, facial swelling, anaphylactic shock, etc.).
– extensive swelling of the vaccinated limb **

Nevertheless, new pathological conditions associated with doses of Pfizer, Moderna or AstraZeneca are still emerging. Between them,urinary urgency Where overactive bladder. On this subject, our colleagues at El Periodico cite a report published by Kaohsiung Medical University in Taiwan and gathered by the “Redacción Médica”, which warns that these vaccines have been “significantly” associated with lower urinary tract problems.

The study included a sample of 889 vaccinees, none of whom had undergone urological intervention in the last three months. However, 13.4% reported urinary problems after vaccination.

The second JAMA Cardiology study states that risk myocarditis or a overactive bladder is more common after second dose.

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