Apple MacBook Air M2 2022: Announcement is coming soon

Apple MacBook Air M2 2022: Announcement is coming soon

The MacBook Air M2 could be another product that Apple will introduce in the coming days.

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After repeated rumors for almost two years, Apple’s new MacBook Air is finally ready for launch. Mark Gurman, a well-informed media journalist Bloomberg, believes this. In his May 29 Power On newsletter, the journalist shares his predictions ahead of Apple WWDC’s main development conference. The event is scheduled for June 6, 2022, and now you can imagine something new on the side of augmented or virtual reality.

Brand new MacBook out there

According to Mark Gurman, Apple should clearly not present new iPhones at WWDC. Apple’s smartphones have their moment set aside each September. On the other hand, Apple could present the hardware well at its developer conference. The journalist believes that it is most likely in the Mac area, led by the new MacBook Air equipped with the Apple M2 chip.

He explains that supply chain tensions still exist due to Covid’s situation in China, but Apple employees are increasingly using the new MacBook Air, a sign that its arrival is very close.

macbook air m2
MacBook Air concept offered in several colors

It is rumored that Apple is preparing a MacBook Air with a completely new design. It must be said that the previous generation was the first machine of the brand to be equipped with an Apple Silicon chip, but it was done at the cost of design without any innovation. Apple has redesigned its iMacs and MacBooks Pro and should now address the MacBook Air. So we imagine a screen with shortened edges, which we hope to go to the mini-LED panel, and a choice between several chassis colors, such as the iMac M1.

Apart from the adoption of the new MagSafe, we do not expect a change in connectivity, but still very USB-C oriented.

Apple M1 or M2?

The big question about this new MacBook Air is more inside the chassis. Will the manufacturer move to a new generation of chips, as Mark Gurman announced, and several leaks? Or will Apple, limited in production, have to continue to use the M1 chip for this new design?

There is nothing wrong with naming the CPU of a smaller upgrade of a completely new MBA design as M2, which can also help sell new MBAs. But if the M2 series aims to bring great upgrades vs. The M1 series and other Apple Silicon image enhancements, the use of the 2023 N3 / N4P wafer for the M2 is better.

– ing 錤 (Ming-Chi Kuo) (@mingchikuo) May 29, 2022

This weekend, analyst Ming-Chi Kuo reiterated that Apple could well launch the MacBook Air with a new design and Apple M1 chip. It is this new design that would be enough to convince new customers to take an interest in the new product. According to him, Apple could wait until the next MacBook Pro with the introduction of the Apple M2 chip. This would allow Apple to ensure that the M2 chip is truly a new chip offering a new level of performance and not just a small component upgrade that could be disappointing.

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