AS Monaco: Djibril Sidibé didn’t say his last word!

AS Monaco: Djibril Sidibé didn't say his last word!

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12 starts in Ligue 1, 949 small minutes of play, no decisive pass in the mouth. Here is the record of Djibril Sidibé (29) in the colors of AS Monaco this season. Framework Asemist during the first match, the international tricolor (18 selections, 1 goal), however, experienced the second part of the exercise much less exciting. The native from Troyes, who injured his hamstrings last January before being knocked out on the Monaco bench, paid extra for the sparkling dynamics of the Principality club in the final sprint (nine wins and a draw in the last ten matches). Third at the end of 38 days, ASM Philippe Clémenta will play as such a Champions League playoffs.

Djibril Sidibé will face Philipp Clement!

Former Lille resident, overtaken by Aguilar and Vanderson in the hierarchy, nevertheless wanted to maintain a positive expression in the overall balance of his season when asked about this delicate end to the ASM experience: “I took on a different role, I stayed positive, I advised my teammates, I was committed to training, when some players may be at 20% when the coach no longer trusts them. I played the game until the end, even though it was hard to accept. “. And for good reason, bitter and frustrated, Sidibé then did not fail to recall his truth, especially with regard to the negotiations on its extension: “I have not heard any arguments that would reassure me, not in relation to playing time, but in the future. The contract, in terms of duration and salary, also did not correspond to what I think I deserve, without being too greedy..

“My refusal to extend triggered a continuation.” I’m not bad or exceptional against Strasbourg (0-1, March 13) and I’m going for a break. I asked the reason for the coach (Philippe Clement), who could not give me a specific argument. He told me that what I was doing was good in physical, tactical and technical workshops. So I see no reason other than an Sidibé dropped in an interview with Team. Former Toffees defender, French champion with ASM in 2017, convinced that he had been transferred to the bench for contractual reasons, did not miss the opportunity to send a well-supported raid in his direction, more precisely the successors of Niko Kovac to the Monaco bench.

Qatar in sight!

“I know that every football player has to ask himself, that’s my mentality. Things are beyond me, but I’ve never cheated. I didn’t ask for minutes, as the coach said, because I didn’t mind the competition. If the club decides to bet on youth, I hear it, but the trip disappointed me, compared to everything I’ve done. I played with Kovac (fired during the holidays), Clement immediately trusted me, and when my extension was not possible, everything disappeared. I’m disappointed with the end, but Falcao didn’t have a flashy farewell here, as did Jovetic. There is very little recognition in the middle.. However, the disappointed one who made it to the Champions League semifinals in 2017 is ambitious and now intends to bounce back.

“I don’t want to go to exotic places, I want to play as many matches as possible at a very high level, with the World Cup in the viewfinder, even though I know I’m coming from a great distance. The year 2018 is unforgettable, but it is over, I will not shout “I won the World Cup, look at me”. I want to experience these feelings as much as possible, because I no longer have any problems physically. If I feel good, I see no reason to deprive myself of these dreams. I’m still hungry. (…) I am still ready for a very high level and the injuries have passed. Anyway, the big clubs have sophisticated tools for scanning players and I’m physically very well supported, I have no worries.. Now it remains to know the future goal of the 2018 world champion, who already has several options across the Rhine.

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