AS Roma: the new triumph of Maestro José Mourinho

AS Roma: the new triumph of Maestro José Mourinho

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“The Special One is an old story”, José Mourinho admitted at a press conference on Wednesday. In 2004, a 41-year-old native of Setubal, he declared himself when he came to Chelsea, shortly after his success in the Champions League with FC Porto. Seventeen years later, he developed, who during his second time at Chelsea nicknamed “Happy” and then “Experienced Man” once on the bench of Tottenham. “When you have more maturity and stability, you think much more about people and less about yourself. I can do what every coach does and try to help the team. I don’t believe in magical moments. It’s not an individual moment, it’s a team, players, staff..

Mourinho makes history

At the age of 59 and after 22 years of career, the Portuguese are much wiser than when he started. Many of the successes he recognized, but above all the failures, confirmed him. Without a club, almost a year after his experience at Manchester United, Mourinho experienced this long period off the pitch very badly, and in August 2019 he even burst into tears on television, confessing that he missed football terribly. After almost three years, tears of joy run down the Lusatian coach’s cheeks. He wept last night after AS Roma won the European League final against Feyenoord Rotterdam. A new success for Mourinha came last year on the Louve bench.

And if his team did not qualify for the next C1, he won the European trophy. What didn’t happen to the Italian club for twelve years and Inter Milan’s victory in the Champions League with a certain Mourinho in charge. Last night, the coach, born in 1963, made a little more history. He became the first coach to win all European competitions. He therefore won the Champions League with Porto in 2004 and Inter Milan in 2010, the European League with Porto in 2003 and Manchester United in 2017 and the first European League conference with Rome in 2022. The 26th title is “Mou”, which remains on a series of 5 victories in 5 of the five European finals played during his career.

The press is unanimous

Something that inspires respect. This Thursday, the Italian press bows and pays homage to Vlk. “In paradise. Triumph of Rome, which defeats Feyenoord and wins the conference»name Sports Courts. “Thank you Rome.” What a party! The first conference of the European League is for Giallorossi »ran on his side Sports Gazette who then added: “Thank you, Rome and thank you, Mou.” The conference is for everyone: Italy, clubs and cities. This conference is not a Champions League, but the victory of Giallorossi shows that with ideas, heart and desire, our football can bring great satisfaction. The Roma thus saved the honor of Italian football, which is plagued in cup Europe.

The rest of the Transalpine media particularly praised the Roman technician. “Mourinho King of Rome”as Tuttosport. “SuperMou Wins Europe”wrote Metro while Daily sports packed: “EuroMourinho, Rome’s Champion”. Finally, Sky Italy praised Mourinho. “Tears after the final show why it’s the winner. After 12 years of waiting, the Italian club led to victory in the European competition. He made people fall in love with him, he gave the team character and strength. Special”. This C4 successes crossed borders and became headlines in Portugal. “Greetings Mourinho”on fire Record. Game simply named: “Special”.

“The Special One” is forever

Happy as a child after this new Portuguese trophy, who was sprinkled with water by his players, who came with him to celebrate the title at a press conference. “I support Porto, Inter, Chelsea, I’m crazy about Real Madrid and now I’m a fan of Rome. I belong to everyone who has a family with me, who is looking for meaning, who is together in difficult times. Today, with all due respect to my former clubs, I feel one hundred percent Romanist. Now I’m going on vacation and I’ll be sitting on the beach, in front of my house, to change my mind. The former MU coach will therefore be on the giallorosso bench next year, which has been on the ninth cloud since last night.

“I have so many things going on in my head … I expected this involvement from everyone, they are unique, they understood it when I arrived eleven months ago … As I told the boys in the locker room in Turin, there we did what we did they had to, that is, they qualified for the European League, we did our job, it was a job, it was history, we made history, yes, we understood from the beginning that the Conference League could be a possible goal. which we sought without losing the main goal. “. So the mission is fulfilled for José Mourinh, who, whatever he says, is still so special.

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