ASSE: fear of sanctions, quantification of damages … as Saint-Etienne recovers from the chaos

ASSE: fear of sanctions, quantification of damages ... as Saint-Etienne recovers from the chaos

On Sunday, after the descent of AS Saint-Etienne to Ligue 2, chaos reigned on the Geoffroy-Guichard lawn.

The day after the descent to Ligue 2, twenty-one years after his last time in the elite anteroom (2001-04), Saint-Etienne had a headache on Monday. This disillusioned day then takes place in peace and quiet. In addition to the silence of the actors, the silence of the supporters against the background of the damage estimate, which can range from 400,000 euros to one million euros.

L’Etrat, the gloomy plain

There is only the courtyard of the Etrat primary school, from where there is a view of the main entrance to the training center that lives. There is a break, a lunch break, and the city’s schoolchildren are having a carefree and casual journey in the face of the whirlpools that are disturbing the tenants of the neighboring buildings. There is also a dose of humor and detachment in this staff member, who has experienced turbulent moments in his club. “I may have to change the ringtone, you know the headlines of the Coupe de la Loire,” he smiles as he meets a handful of journalists in front of the Robert-Herbin Sports Center.

It is true that the music of the Champions League, which warns him against his call, gives a somewhat unconventional impression a few hours after relegation to Ligue 2, as in 1984, 1996 or even 2001 for the current Greens’ era. And as a symbol to bury the absence of the 125th derby between Lyon and Saint-Etienne in 2022-23, the ASSE will fail in the top competition during its … 69th season. Derby will now take place in Grenoble or Annecy. The same enthusiasm was not announced. Even 65 kilometers away, between the Rhône and the Saône, this descent is experienced as before, the absence.

Employee grief “outside football”

A bit of childhood, a bit of humor from an employee whose skin has been hardened by years of working closely with players. But nothing else: no banner, no police, no supporters. The State in the “outdoor” version is calm. Inside, in all corridors of the building, the shock of the descent lurks. Even for these “non-sporting” employees, who are still struggling with sports descent, but also and above all with violence, which from 21:48 – the time of formalization of the descent – interrupted the decisive penalty shootout, until 23:15. Less than twelve hours later, the ghosts are still ringing and some still have a few tears in them. The ones that the others managed to release in the nervousness of this post-match endless violence.

L’Etrat is a boring level, with no final passage or athletes or coach Pascal Dupraz, who is always silent. At the end of the morning, sports coordinator Loïc Perrin (11:15) and then Executive President Jean François Soucasse (shortly before noon) arrive without a word at the entrance gate of the Robert-Herbin Center. The “institution” speech will remain this press release, a bit unconventional at 22:23, suggesting that “important news regarding the future of the club will be announced in a few days”.

No player will speak after the match or at the end of the nearly three-hour “closure” in the locker room, while the Auxerrois will be “released” (according to police conditions in charge of exfiltration) at 23:20, two and a half hours after the famous Burgundy final whistle. .

Damage almost a million euros?

And during this time, at Geoffroy-Guichard Stadium, Christophe Chavanne, the “technical” head of the enclosure managed by Métropole stéphanoise the day after, continues to take stock of the equipment. He experienced this stormy match from the inside and he was not able to close the stadium until 1:45, which was enough time for him to check everything from the point of view of safety. A few hours later, he undergoes boring morning work.

ASSE services confirm RMC Sport in the middle of the afternoon the extent of the damage: much of the green substitutes’ bench has ignited, as has the artificial turf that surrounds the touchline. the tunnel side of the locker rooms, where it will be necessary to clean floors and walls damaged by the fire of explosive devices. Part of the electrical system that kept the lawn in very cold weather in the winter could see that its wires had melted as the explosive devices continued to burn as soon as they were on the ground. Also damaged are some seats at the official stand and the side entrance gate to the stadium, damaged when trying to enter around 22:20.

Two arrests at the time of the invasion

In the aftermath of the chaos, the stubborn smell of gas and burning plastic lurks in the corridors. There are also LED advertising signs, which the most enjoyed individuals took as objects to throw on the CRS. Balance alone: ​​a loss of EUR 400 000. During this afternoon, Metropolis services are refining the final scores using estimates of corrections required from companies. The damage can eventually climb to a million euros. In parallel, all index reporting work by sworn agents is underway to define the responsibilities of “intruders” who may be involved in the long term.

At that moment, two were arrested on Sunday evening, one for attacking the land and the other for using pyrotechnic devices. There are fourteen wounded on the police side. The question also arises: how did the subscribers of the Southern Gallery, who caused the closed session, move to the party and who promised to “remain calm”, in the end, changed their minds? Why did you break this agreement with the club and especially the authorities? A press release from the prefecture at 1:00, which lists two injured players on Auxerre’s side, is already interpreted as a stone in the club’s garden, run by authorities who have no appetite for the final scenario. The disciplinary commission of the Professional Football League has decided to submit the Sainté-Auxerre file to its inquiry, which will be decided “at the end of the meeting on Thursday, June 23,” the press release said. This could lead to heavy sanctions for the institution, which is used in Paris to go back and forth on this subject. ASSE is afraid of relocating matches or even withdrawing points.

But on this day after, it’s not the most important thing, because by then there won’t be seventeen players at the end of the contract at the beginning of the school year and a new big round should help restore the story. Because there is also this memory that Etrat Morne Plaine still feels: the great anxiety that prevailed in the stadium, especially in the pits, where many spectators took place. Because the instructions, once the attacks of about two hundred fans outside began, were to remain limited. Especially since, with the return of tear gas, only fire alarms sounded and firefighters multiplied the number of shots and added torment in an already anxious context.

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