At his last Roland-Garros, Gilles Simon honored his invitation

At his last Roland-Garros, Gilles Simon honored his invitation

“You get what you pay for when you see Gilles play! » The compliment is signed by announcer Roland-Garros. At the central court of the Paris tournament on Saturday, May 28, Marc Maury states at the microphone that the person in question has played 14 grand slam matches longer than 4:30 in the morning since the beginning of his career. Statistics that summarizes the character of Gilles Simon Well, a player who often has a lot of fun on the court.

Four days after Jo-Wilfried Tsong, another “musketeer” said goodbye to Roland-Garros on the Philippe-Chatrier court. After listening “Gilou” Gilles Simon took the honorary trophy to the public to cheer on the audience. Unlike Manceau, Niçois will continue his career until the end of the year.

His quick defeat against Croatian Marina Cilic (6-0, 6-3, 6-2) in the third round of the tournament will not overshadow two previous victories, against Spaniard Pablo Carreño Bust and American Steve Johnson (his 500E on the ATP circuit). He fell to 158E place in the ATP rankings and after a long victory on the circuit, the 37-year-old player honored the invitation of the organizers.

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“I had a chance to play my best tennis in the first round … which hasn’t been there for some time anyway. It was unexpectedhe recognized the French at the end of the meeting before greeting his then-opponent. Marin is someone who is very discreet, but he is a really great champion. If it had to end today, I would be very happy if it stopped against him because we did [disputé] great matches. »

Known for his game science

In January 2009, he placed sixth in the world, winning 14 singles tournaments, and the Davis Cup with Team France in 2017, a man recognized by his peers for his gaming science, never crossed stage eight. final at Porte d “Auteuil.”

“I did good and bad things on the field. Good things are a little outdated … My kids doubt I can play tennis well. I’m glad they saw it. I’m glad I left them that memory. he rejoiced at the end of the match and turned to the family present in the pits.

Mr. Simon, who is not the best server on the circuit, but also the last to serve as humor in the interview, then made the stands laugh by talking about his physical condition after twenty years of professional career: “It’s a lot of work, but it’s also a lot of suffering. Before the match, I’m with three Voltarens and six Doliprans. All that remains is morphine and then… “

After turning the page of his seventeenth and last Roland, the future pensioner promised to give from the courts “Everything [lui] rest “ at the end of the year. Before you finally put down your snowshoes.

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