Auxerre in Ligue 1, Saint-Étienne is heading to Ligue 2!

Auxerre in Ligue 1, Saint-Étienne is heading to Ligue 2!

At the end of the penalty, after a perfect equality in two matches, Auxerre joined the elite and sent Saint-Étienne to the second league. A very sad end to the failed Green season, unlike the AJA, which ends in style.

Saint-Etienne 1-1 Auxerre (4-5 TAB)

Goals: Camara (77E) for Saint-Étienne // Sakhi (51E) for Auxerre
Successful shots on goal: Nordin, Trauco, Dioussé and Bouanga for Saint-Étienne // Dugimont, Jubal, Perrin, Charbonnier and Touré for Auxerre
Missing shot at goal: Boudebouz for Saint-Étienne

At the end of the first round, he regretted the lack of air conditioning in the locker room hosted by his team. But this Sunday night, Dupraz will simply regret the goal his players missed to stay in League 1. Because on Geoffroy-Guichard’s lawn, which ended with a fan invasion and hatred at the start of the final whistle, Saint-Étienne managed to equalize without avoiding falling to the floor. Auxerre, who opened the scoring and then converted all his penalties after extra time, actually composted his ticket to the elite. And since there was only one place, during this return fire …

A quarter of an hour green, before rebalancing

Despite the score 0: 0, which was enough to fulfill his mission, Stéphanois started this controversial final at home with great offensive energy. From the third minute, Léon had to hit his knee in front of Bouanga to avoid the pass just before a solid goalkeeper stopped the Gabonce’s rebound again. At first, they dominated for the most part and were unable to put their foot on the ball, but eventually they let AJA go through the storm to gain momentum and take matters into their own hands … although after half an hour Aouchiche still calls Auxerre the goalkeeper. Still, guests try to create real opportunities, for example, Hein wasted a beautiful one by failing to control himself as he approached Bernardoni’s cages. During the break, therefore, the score seems empty and the tension remains …

The ultimate failure, Boudebouz signed

Except that when they returned from the locker room, Auxerre was very quick to make a difference: on a cross from Autret, Sakhi sent a bullet from his helmet and shook the nets at the same time as the public at Saint-Etienne. Because at 1: 0 to their detriment, ASSE has legs in Ligue 2 and must therefore at least level to extend the extension. Since then, Dupraz has chained change and brought in his replacement attackers. What kind of reaction to observe from the locals? Not right away, the AJA team keeps doubting their opponent, who multiplies their mistakes in the worst of times … Until the Camara equalizes ten big minutes from the end, the midfielder’s head hitting the corner goal from Hamouma was taken over by the rare Crivelli’s skull. It did not deter the inhabitants of Ligue 2, but his last wall saves him, which repulses another attempt from… Bouang and another from Nordin. While waiting for a shot on goal, the stress increases and the organizations run out of breath. But no one will let go, and in the end Boudebouz needs to fail to confirm the decision during the fateful session. Cruel for some, happy for others.

Saint-Etienne (4-2-3-1): Bernardoni – Sacko (Silva, 57E), Moukoudi, Mangala, Trauco – Camara (Moueffek, 80E), Youssouf (Dioussé, 110E) – Hamouma (Boudebouz, 80E), Aouchiche (Nordin, 58E), Bouanga-Khazri (Crivelli, 62E). Coach: Dupraz.

Auxerre (4-1-4-1): Léon – Arcus, Jubal, Pellenard, Bernard – Touré – Trouillet (Perrin, 64E), Sakhi (Coeff, 83E), Huh (Sinayoko, 75E), Autret (Dugimont, 95E) – Coalman. Coach: Furlan.

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