Betclic Elite: Dijon eliminates Limoges, Asvel equalizes against Cholet

Betclic Elite: Dijon eliminates Limoges, Asvel equalizes against Cholet

The reigning French champion temporarily saved his head and his challenger from 2021 in the final is already in the last four Betclic Élite. With 26 points (19 in the first half) and 10 rebounds from Elie Okobo, Asvel, first in the regular season, won with authority (82-66) Friday in Cholet (8th), which surprised Tuesday in Villeurbanne (74-70) . In this series of quarterfinals, he returns to number one everywhere.

The holder will play the semi-final place at home against the Mauges team on Sunday, which scored only twenty points in the second half, leading up to twelve units before the break (32-20, 13 and 46-41 at half time).

But Asvel was in trouble raising his defensive level around a deterrent 2.21m Youssoupha Fall missile (10 points, 6 rebounds) and squeezing Cholet’s attack (44 rebounds per 25, 15 offensive catches at 3) which lost energy despite the warm atmosphere that in Meilleraie ruled, and the active support of Rudy Gobert as he walked through the room where he had studied before leaving for the NBA.

Chris Jones (18 points, 9 rebounds, 4 assists) came to support Okoba and the combination hurt greatly, especially at the beginning of the fourth quarter. The 14-0 situation completely prepared Meillerai and put Asvel under cover the last five minutes ago. Despite the efforts of the new CB Yoan Makoundou, who tied five counterattacks to his ten points, Cholet was unable to repeat the attack on Astroball from Tuesday, so he will have to find a second breath on Sunday to hope. victory against the now warned Asvel.

Dijon is waiting for the winner Asvel-Cholet

Dijon is the first to qualify in the last four, being third in a row after knocking out Limoges in two dry rides. The winner at home after a fierce battle (70-68), after his clear success (94-70) Tuesday in Beaublanc, JDA (5th in the regular), who had the same balance as his opponent, but did not have the advantage of the field in the case of a support match, was pushed to its limits by the CSP.

Still deprived of their Cuban pivot Grismay Paumier, on paternity leave, the Limougeauds had a match point (or overtime). But the latest onslaught on Demonte Harper’s ring hit the Dijon defenses.

It is a big disappointment for Limoges, who before the final stage looked at favorable dynamics. On Tuesday at home, slapped players from Italian coach Massimo Cancellieri showed a completely different face on Friday. They led by a maximum of five points (47-42, 25th) after the successes of Nicolas Lang and CJ Massinburg, but Dijon was able to answer and continue without rhythm (45% success rate, 8 out of 26 out of three points). hand at the end of the third quarter with many attacking dangers (Simon, Holston, Carrington, Kelly).

The Burgunds led by up to eight points in the fourth quarter, but Nicolas Lang (21 points, 4 out of 7 out of three points) and Massinburg beat the dice again in the last minutes (64-64, 38th) before Rashard hit Kelly’s “baseline”. the remaining twenty-four seconds and Harper’s ultimate mistake.

David Holston’s JDA (10 points to 4 out of 11 on shots, 7 assists) will face Asvel-Cholet in the semifinals (best of five sets) as of Wednesday, June 1st.


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