Brest Brittany handball. The final of the first round of the LFH: what to remember from the act of Brestoises against Metz

Brest Brittany handball.  The final of the first round of the LFH: what to remember from the act of Brestoises against Metz

In a game where they were credited with not being knocked down by the Messines in the first period, the Brestoises completely set the Arena on fire to thwart the predictions and win 26:24. This success allows them to believe in their chance to win the title before Sunday’s rematch in Metz.

BBH compensated for the absence of the brand

Pablo Morel’s players played against Messines without a few big players (Kobynlinska, Niakaté, Jaukovic, Kouyaté, Darleux), but they had the credit of forgetting their absence. From the beginning of the match, the Brestoises used crazy energy in the defensive phases as well as in the transition game. If at first they relied mainly on individual solutions to score and stay in touch with Metz, then they showed great solidarity to find their collective game and make the Messines doubt who just stuttered their handball just before the break. Strengthened by the dynamics to their advantage when returning to the locker rooms (difference -3 filled and score 14-14 on the break), the BBH players overcame and freed themselves in the second period, helped by Agathe Quiniou’s performances, to win this victory of hope.

The Brestois set fire to the Arena

Shortly before half-time, as Coralie Lassource’s teammates picked up the score, Arena celebrated a missed pass from Metz players as a goal. A sign that the Bresto public was present at every event this Saturday night. Pablo Morel announced it before the match, playing in the Arena is a privilege for her players and the fans will play a decisive role in this final. Bronca’s exclusion of Pauletta Foppa was another sign of the audience’s influence on the meeting. Already at the end of the first white-hot third, when the Brestoises returned to contact just before the break, in the second third, the Brest audience completely exploded according to the parades of Agathe Quiniou and the seven-meter feast of Alicia Toublanc.

Agathe Quiniou, the crucial player we didn’t expect

Without Cleopatra Darleux’s package, she might not have played a minute of this meeting, and in the end she was the main player. After twenty minutes of play, while the usual goalkeeper Sandra Toft had problems with only 1/13 in the Brest cage, Pablo Morel bet that he would bring Agathe Quiniou. The winning bet from the one that usually develops in the shadow of Sandra Toft and Cléopatre Darleux took all the light. In her last match in the Arena in front of her fans (the club will leave at the end of the season to join Chambray), Agathe Quiniou prevented the Messines from returning with an impressive ratio of close to 50% (8/17). BBH owes him much of the victory.

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Data sheet

Viewers: 4,111 th most common

Half: 14-14.

BREST: Toft (4 hits on 19 shots), Quiniou (8/17) – Lassource (3 goals on 5 shots), Mauny (3/4), Loseth (4/8), Fauske (0/0), Carlson (5 / 9), Kromoska (0/0), Coatanéa (1/3), Toublanc (6/6), Pop-Lazic (3/3), Foppa (1/1), Lagattu (0/0), Jarrige (/ ).

Staff: P. Morel

Two minutes of disqualification: Jarrige (28 ‘), Foppa (42’, 44 ‘), Toublanc (46’)

METZ: Kapitanovic (9 interventions for 30 shots), Halter (1/6) – De Paula (1 goal for 15 shots), Valentini (2/3), Zaadi (2/3), N ‘Gouan (2/5), Nocandy (2/2), Bont (3/4), O. Kanor (3/5), L. Kanor (1/1), Burgaard (5/8), Bouktit (1/1), Cardoso (0/3 ), Horáček (2/3).

Ent: E. Mayonade

Two minutes excluded: O. Kanor (13 ‘), Bont (46’), De Paula (47 ‘)

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