C1 final: stop despising football!

C1 final: stop despising football!

The success of Real Madrid, whether well-deserved or not after a rather bland game, was largely overshadowed by the unhappy handling of the event. The party was really marred by the pathetic scenes that took place at the entrance to the Stade de France (people prevented entry, gassing okay, etc.), not to mention the police accusations on the terraces around the fanzone. Red on the Vincennes stream. If the unpreparedness of the French organization and the reaction of the police are to be pointed out – we have certainly avoided the tragedy only a little bit – it is also necessary to go back against the current and target the growing contempt for UEFA, football in general for fans.

“Thousands of British ‘supporters’, without tickets or with counterfeit tickets, have forced entry and sometimes attacked stewards. Thank you to the many police forces mobilized tonight in this difficult situation. » Interior Minister Gérald Darmanin’s tweet does not escape his usual communication when the police find themselves in a hot seat. He has been taken over almost entirely by the new Minister of Sport and Olympics, Amélie Oudéa-Castér, who is beginning her term hard and hard. Perhaps she thought she was content with the inauguration of the buildings for Paris in 2024. These words especially leave those who were there dumb, especially when they arrived from Liverpool. CRS’s viral video spraying tear gas at English fans gathered behind the railing sums up the gap between the denial of the authorities and the many testimonies swarming on social media. The two English journalists, Labor MP and Hanoun, brought a very different version of the official story. It is therefore underestimated that the Liverpool guys, who still suffer unjust accusations following the Hillsborough tragedy, had little appetite “fake news” from Place Beauvau.

Living in denial is a very bad idea

Unfortunately, this situation is not surprising. Sadly, on the occasion of an international meeting, in front of 300 million spectators, it illuminates the years of experience of the stands in France. Many excesses this season have been rightly condemned (bottle throwing, etc.). However, we all too often forget this security background (travel ban, massive IAS, police pressure). The ban on wearing a Real or Liverpool jersey on the Champs-Élysées, which is incomprehensible from abroad, is only an application of the law (Loppsi 2) authorizing the restriction of public space. “Anyone who is considered a supporter or behaves like that” . Taken to the extreme and at the beginning of the season it even led to the exclusion of FCN fans from the center of Nantes before the quarterfinals of the Coupe de France against Bastia.

The denial of our country’s authorities contrasts terribly with the actions of foreign media, which by the way find out Paris Police Prefect Didier Lallement, well known not only for the Yellow Vests but also for the CUP, the PSG ultras, for regularly refusing to issue permits for their rallies and shows. He shares a culture of public safety that continues to view supporters solely from the perspective of a potential troublemaker. An ideological look that almost led to tragedy this Saturday night. While France regularly hosts large sports masses, it considered this Real-Liverpool, although unusual on paper for this type of audience (tens of thousands of English fans who don’t love Perrier very much), as a banal concert by Patrick Bruel. . It is incomprehensible that such a lack of consideration for football, its culture and its complexity continues to permeate our leaders. Let’s remember that this is not the first time that the Stade de France has experienced such an atmosphere, let’s remember the year 2016 and the not-so-reassuring final of the French PSG-OM Cup before the Euro. In a democratic country, responsibilities would need to be identified, either in the private sector (disintegration of the banknote recognition computer system) or in the public sector (the administration concerned, where is the DNLH?). Be that as it may, visitors with the right tickets paid for this chain of incompetence and desperately waved a hard-earned ticket behind bars, not to mention the cost of the trip to Saint-Denis.

And UEFA in all that?

Among the deep causalities, another actor needs to be questioned, this time international: UEFA. For the European body of the C1 round ball, and to a lesser extent – economic – other cups, they no longer represent unique moments where folk passion is manifested in combination with the zeal that radiates from clubs. Example: barely 20,000 seats have been allocated Red and Madrid in this final clash. Jürgen Klopp was moved by absolute indifference. Because for UEFA, they only seem to count VIPs, billboard logos, television rights, and pre-match concerts. The main imperative remains to satisfy sponsors, impress VIPs and get the audience to grow from now on through social networks such as Tik Tok. There had never been a gap between the lower classes sacrificing themselves to come to the community around their common heritage, and Nyon’s suits and ties were not as obvious as under tear gas fumes. The same observation for children who live 500 meters from the homeless. They can’t dream that they can afford a place if they don’t ruin sports betting. They have to be content with the fact that they watch a party on television (at least this time it was free) so close and at the same time unavailable to them. Everyone, regardless of the price paid, should nevertheless benefit from the same preferential treatment given by UEFA, as well as from the same respect for their rights by the police as Nadal, Zidane or “a select few” privileged and invited by partner brands. No, it’s not just the Super League that is rotten in the kingdom of football …

Nicolas Kssis-Martov


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