Calf tuberculosis panic in front of Eid al-Adha! He’s on the hunt, he’s on his way to death – News

Calf tuberculosis panic in front of Eid al-Adha!  He's on the hunt, he's on his way to death - News

Due to the acceleration of meat transport in the world in recent months, animal infections and the disruption of quarantine procedures, there has been an increase in calf and cow tuberculosis in particular.

Although tuberculosis, which is defined in society as tuberculosis, is generally known as a disease that affects the lungs, tuberculosis, which occurs in animals consuming meat and dairy products, is also transmitted to humans.

With the statement that in recent years there has been an increase in the disease, which manifests itself as veal-type tuberculosis, a specialist in infectious diseases Prof. Dr. Serhan Sakarya pointed out that a disease that manifests as symptoms such as persistent fatigue, weakness and joint pain can be fatal if medical intervention is not applied.

He states that the bacteria that causes tuberculosis can affect the kidneys, liver, brain, bones and even the bone marrow of a person infected with digestion. Dr. Sakarya, “Treatment takes much longer than pulmonary tuberculosis; if left untreated, it can cause organ loss and even death.”

With the statement that in this disease, which is expressed as a calf type of tuberculosis, tuberculosis is transmitted to humans during the consumption of meat and dairy products. Dr. Serhan Sakarya said: “Because animal-to-human transmission does not take place through the lungs but through the digestive system, human symptoms do not have symptoms similar to those of pulmonary tuberculosis. Therefore, tuberculosis is not suspected. It can also be transmitted from person to person, depending on the environment. “

Experts report that the symptoms of calf tuberculosis can be assessed in difficult social conditions and can be perceived psychologically, and therefore can be difficult to detect. If you experience chronic fatigue, weakness, night sweats, kidney and joint pain and do not subside, it is a great benefit to check the body for an infection. Bacteria that infect humans through the digestive system can enter the intestines, kidneys, bones, liver and bone marrow, and even the brain. Mycobacterium, a tuberculosis bacterium, has the ability to live wherever it goes. It causes lesions in the organ to which it is attached, causing the area to lose its function. If it is located in the bone, it can be fixed by removing the bone and placing a splint. In other words, it can cause organ loss and even death.

Prof. Dr. Serhan Sakarya: “Milk needs to be pasteurized very well, because this bacterium is not something that dies easily. For example, if meat is consumed, insufficiently cooked meat can cause problems. This type of food must be cooked well. Although the symptoms of the disease are often psychological, if the difficulties do not subside, use advanced techniques. ” The definitive diagnosis can be made with the Quantiferon test, which the doctor requests based on the symptoms. After detecting the presence of bacteria by this technique, it is necessary to find where it is involved in the body and perform treatment, “he said.

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