Champions Cup. How the Irish press judges the victory and coronation of La Rochelle

La joie du public rochelais, avec leurs joueurs, dont ici Romain Sazy. La presse irlandaise estime

The joy of the public La Rochelle, with their players, including Romain Sazy here. The Irish press considers Rochelais’ success “deserved”. (© Icon Sports)

“We have a plan.” A few days before the Champions Cup final, Ronan O’Gara admitted that he had an idea in his head on how to beat it. Leinster advertised as invincible. Clearly, his bet has paid off, the offer La Rochelle the first European title in its history. And it, Irish press did not forget to greet him.

“O’Gara said he had a plan.” This one was a master in suppressing Leinster’s offensive game, as no other team has been able to do this season, “wrote The Irish Times. “What team did Ronan O’Gara create in La Rochelle,” praises The 42, emphasizing that Leinster was defeated by a technician … Ir. “He radiated the quiet confidence of a guy who was sure of the plan he had planned.” […] And this plan was goldsmithing, “we can read.

“Defensively it was a La Rochelle demonstration”

The Irish press unanimously acknowledges that La Rochelle’s victory is “deserved”, The Examiner emphasizes in particular the 3 attempts made by the French team, against none for the four-time winner of the competition. “Defensively, it’s even a demonstration from Rochelais.”

The daily adds: “La Rochelle played hard and won hard. Leinster never started his game and much credit goes to the people of Rochelle, whose undercut work was excellent. […] La Rochelle played the best rugby with a ball in hand and Raymond Rhule in particular was a danger every time he seized it. A Rhule with rating 8/10 by Examiner9/10 was awarded to Bourgarit and Skelton. “Bourgarit was amazing.” And to think that he is not considered good enough to be part of XV France. […] Skelton, signed a performance as colossal as the man himself.

The power of La Rochelle scrum

Undermining work symbolized by a royal mela. The Irish Times emphasizes that La Rochelle “believed in her struggle.” He points out how the Maritimes managed the sector perfectly at the end of the game when Thomas Lavault received a yellow card, but also his stubbornness in the siege organized in the last minutes. “They had great confidence that it was their best offensive platform and that it was the right choice,” the Irish media admitted.

Les Rochelais, like Pierre Bourgarit, will celebrate with the public on Sunday in La Rochelle the title of European Champion as it should be.
The Irish media praised the performances of Rhule, Skelton and Bourgarit, but also the scrum of La Rochelle. (© Icon Sports)

“It was a very anti-Leinster”

As for Leinster’s performance, the media emphasizes a “cruel scenario”, which, however, is repeated as against the Saracens in 2019. “This team had twice on the trophy, but lets it spin. In 2019, it had a 10-point lead over the Saracens. She had 8. Great teams will always find a way to win great games, ”says The Examiner. The latter also regrets the changes in the philosophy of the opponents of the match this season and especially during the semifinals against Toulouse. “Leinster again and again refused the opportunity to try to get seven points and preferred to go for 3 points. It was very anti-Leinster. “

The Irish Times he continued: “The scars after this defeat will heal longer than he has ever suffered in Europe. Leinster led the whole game, but never seemed comfortable. And this scenario seemed inevitable with Retière’s essay. The conclusion returns toIrish examiner : “Retière’s essay is a moment of magic. An ingenious piece of improvisation and a suitable way to win the first big club trophy. “

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