Champions League: “Delirious!”, Government figure of 40,000 fans without a ticket to the Stade de France by leaps and bounds

Champions League: "Delirious!", Government figure of 40,000 fans without a ticket to the Stade de France by leaps and bounds

Prefecture and government communication after the chaos at the Stade de France has misunderstood many witnesses, such as Pierre Barthélémy, a supporters’ lawyer and observer of the Champions League final, who judges the “delusion” of the number of supporters recurring from two years. days.

The authorities have not moved since Saturday: the main responsibility for the chaos at the entrance to the Stade de France comes from Liverpool fans who landed without a ticket. Police prefecture and sports minister Amélie Oudéa-Castéra estimated “between 30,000 and 40,000” fans without tickets, which increased the pressure on the stadium’s access areas. Many witnesses presented a very different version, such as Pierre Barthélémy, a lawyer of several French supporters, who on Saturday observed the flow management on behalf of France Supporters Europe (FSE).

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“40,000, what about a million?”

“This issue of counterfeit tickets smells of a very opportunistic pretext since the first argument explaining the postponement of the match (by 36 minutes, ed. Note) is reportedly the late arrival of supporters, but several d” Among those testified that they were there from 17:00 Monday at BFMTV. Then we refer to this story of counterfeit tickets, but they fail. We mention the number 40,000, why not a million? There would be 40,000 people half the stadium. That would mean that you saw a countercurrent from the middle of the stadium going in the opposite direction, and no one saw it on the spot. “

“I think they include the 40,000 fans who were in the Place de la Nation fan zone to say that there were 40,000 fans in Paris without tickets,” he continues. arrested around ten for counterfeit tickets out of thousands of people This argument, with this deceptive number of 30,000 to 40,000 ticket-free fans, does not match what every world could see.Even RATP will be able to confirm that there are no 40,000 people who have returned to RER D to return to Paris. These numbers, which are not obtained at all, have become a pretext for political renewal. “

Orientation problem and mysteriously closed door

Pierre Barthélémy had the first problem at the exit from public transport with poor fan management. “All Liverpool fans have arrived at RER D, but instead of redirecting them to all pre-screening venues in the south of the stadium, we have them gathered for more than 20,000 on three small pre-filtering lines. noted. Which prevented the flow of people and no one in the organization responded for two hours. At the exit from RER B, you had a pre-filtering of thirteen queues, where it was not expected. it was enough to have a person at the exit from RER D, where people at a security computer decide to redirect flows to all these pre-filtering mechanisms, we would not lose two hours and we could filter people with counterfeit notes.

You take another argument from the authorities: the one about the alleged late arrival of English fans at the stadium. “Liverpool supporters arrived between 17:00 and 18:30, he points out. They were there on time, but they were misdirected. The second problem that arose was that they closed the door to the headline,” a computer problem. We couldn’t scan the tickets for a long time: when we went to the turnstiles, they didn’t work. These are the arguments that the police prefecture was silent in communication. When we arrived at the gate, stewards said the computer system had stopped working, we can’t. We saw people waiting three-quarters of an hour, even UEFA officials with accreditation that couldn’t pass. “

A problem that, according to Pierre Barthélémy, is not caused by counterfeit banknotes. “No, because counterfeit notes, according to the prefecture, were a problem in the pre-filtering phase, not the turnstiles,” he said. These numerous points are being discussed this Monday at a meeting at the Ministry of Sports with the Minister of the Interior, the Prefect and the event organizers.

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