Champions League final, Roland-Garros … Prices of Paris hotels are rising sharply: “The night is 900 euros against 125 euros a month ago”

Champions League final, Roland-Garros ... Prices of Paris hotels are rising sharply: "The night is 900 euros against 125 euros a month ago"

With the Champions League final, Roland-Garros and Ascension Bridge, the prices of Paris hotels are soaring. Hotels and airlines are taking advantage of this unexpected opportunity.

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Even before the finals of the Champions League on Saturday 28 May at the Stade de France, there is already a big winner: almost all Parisian hoteliers are full this weekend. And room prices in many facilities have risen sharply.

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Add the Roland-Garros tournament and the Ascension Bridge, and it’s a heavenly gift for hoteliers. At this hotel in eastern Paris, the price of a room per night is currently 1400 euros, while usually 300 euros. The hotel receptionist explains the difference: “It’s a bit everywhere in Paris. I think it has to do with the Champions League. This is called ‘revenue management’, every day has its price depending on the occupancy rate.

Marc, the mainstay of the Liverpool Reds, who will face Real Madrid on Saturday night, did well because of his expectations:We booked a hotel room when we learned that the Champions League final would be played in early March in Paris. We had relatively good prices: 125 euros per night. Friends wanted to book a month later when Liverpool qualified for the finals. At the same hotel, the night is currently worth 900 euros compared to 125 euros a month ago.

“It’s the same for flights: a return flight between Liverpool and Paris normally costs € 240. We paid € 820 there.”

Marc, a Liverpool fan in Paris

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On Saturday, for example, there will be 40,000 spectators at Roland-Garros, 50,000 Liverpool fans at the Stade de France, not to mention the people of Madrid and the tourists who use the Ascension Bridge. Vanguelis Panayotis is the CEO of the consulting company MKG: “This weekend we are breaking all attendance records, explains. We will definitely end up with more than 90% of hotel visits. Paris is full, which has not happened for many months.“Hotels are full despite sometimes very high prices. According to industry professionals, this is good, especially with regard to the Olympic Games in 2024.”

Paris hotel prices explode this weekend: report by Valentin Dunate


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