Champions League final: Testimony of Stéphane Guy at the Stade de France

Champions League final: Testimony of Stéphane Guy at the Stade de France

Stéphane Guy was present at the Stade de France this Saturday to watch the Champions League final between Real Madrid and Liverpool. If there have been incidents in an area intended for the English, a journalist present as a simple spectator testifies to the problems he saw in the sector where he was.

The final of the Champions League at the Stade de France will be remembered not only for sporting reasons with the 14th crown of Real Madrid, which he won over Liverpool (1: 0). The start of the meeting was delayed by 36 minutes due to upstream incidents in the enclosure security circuit.

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This season’s RMC Sport commentator, Stéphane Guy, was present in Saint-Denis to watch this poster. “I was at the Stade de France, not as a journalist because I didn’t work, but because I used to attend the Champions League finals with friends, where we buy tickets,” he told reporters this Sunday during the Aftermath at the RMC. Being under the roof of the stadium cost us 490 euros per person. Maybe the places are a bit cheaper, but that was the price for participating in the match, even if the passion costs something. “

If Stéphane Guy and his friends managed to get inside the Stade de France, the others were not so lucky. Many English fans stayed behind the gates in the first half and waited to enter the break. Scenes of chaos with law enforcement agencies unfolded upstream as people tried to force their way into Liverpool’s supporters. Stunned security forces infiltrated the crowd, which included people with tickets, others who did not, but also individuals with counterfeit tickets, while some were there to disrupt public order.

“It was a complete mess”

However, this problem of counterfeit notes cannot sum up everything. “I was in the stand of R, which was not reserved for the Spaniards or the English. I was with the Spaniards, the French, the Italians, the Moroccans, a lot of the English, they came from all sides, the world was mixed and there was no problem meeting among the supporters. The atmosphere was very The entrance to the security perimeter was a complete wreck, Stéphane Guy explained, it was very difficult to find the right entrance and it was very difficult. from the 5th or 6th moment, I was afraid, I saw the clock ticking, I thought there would be a panic movement with people who want to force their way in at all costs. they could have a huge drama.

UEFA and law enforcement have pointed to the problem of counterfeit tickets, which have caused problems at turnstiles. In a note addressed to the Ministry of the Interior, the prefect of the Paris police informs that he will seize the prosecutor to open an investigation into “mass fraud with counterfeit notes”. “The 30,000 or 40,000 people present without tickets inside the corral are absolutely impossible,” estimates Stéphane Guy. Tickets have already been scanned to enter the security circuit. Dozens or hundreds of people can enter the security circuit, but 30 to 40,000 is unimaginable. We saw that the problems came from those who didn’t have tickets, from many young people who climbed or ran a little everywhere, but I didn’t see any scenes of delinquency, even though the problem came from there. However, the problem did not come only from the turn that greeted the English, we entered after 21:00 and we saw that there are a lot of seats that are not occupied. “

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