Champions League incidents: the chilling testimony of the president of Liverpool fans in France

Champions League incidents: the chilling testimony of the president of Liverpool fans in France

At BFMTV, the president of the official Liverpool supporters club in France, Rodolfo Amaya, spoke from the inside about what he saw on Saturday night before and after the Champions League final about the incidents at the Stade de France.

Testimony of serious incidents at the Stade de France on Saturday night around the Champions League final, which Real Madrid won against Liverpool (1: 0), is growing. For some, big organizational problems, for some, massive quackery about fake tickets … versions are against. But at BFMTV this Sunday, Rodolfo Amaya, president of the official Liverpool fan club in France, provides his version of the facts and what he has experienced and seen there.

“When we arrived at the stadium, we were waiting for someone to give us the official tickets obtained with the club. We arrived from RER B, we were asked for our tickets. We were waiting on the side of the fence for the person to arrive.” I saw “a lot of people who tried to get in by force,” he says. The validity of the tickets has been checked. People with fake tickets protested, turned around and left. Those who didn’t do it didn’t get inside. I saw some trying to escape and force a first check. They had no Liverpool or Real colors, no scarves or jerseys. There were enough of them to create movement crowds and moments of panic. “

“I saw people with tickets in their hands stealing them”

The situation escalated even more around 1:15 before the planned excavation (eventually postponed): “We are getting tickets, we are going home, we see that the situation is quite tense. We have tickets hidden in our jackets.” I saw people with a ticket in their hand stealing it, says Rodolfo Amaya. It was very dangerous for the tickets. I’m going inside, it’s true, I’m going through. The first very easy search. We arrive at the gate And around 7:50 pm there are four or five doors to this place for a while, and I see them all closing except for the Last Supper that followed … people began to wonder what was going on. “They’re pushing, they don’t know what’s going on. It’s all happening in English, we hear a strong Liverpool accent. There’s a screen in front, no news that the match has been postponed, no security warnings.”

As the pictures showed, especially from Spanish and English journalists, people began to climb through the gates. There was an incident, as the chairman of the official Liverpool supporters club in France said: “I saw people climbing over the railings. Before I saw Liverpool supporters kick someone out of the file and tell them they were trying to cheat.” there was no policeman at the time. Leaving the offending people in French, he turns and returns with a blade up his sleeve. Then I will shout in English for people to calm down. Things are calming down, I specify, not a seizure.

These incidents evoked bad memories for the Reds: “They were British fans, as the Home Secretary said … I didn’t see that at all. What shocks me the most is that the same thing happened in England in 1989, Hillsborough, 97 people died, recalls Rodolfo Amaya. Authorities have accused Liverpool supporters of forcing fences. I was scared at one point last night. It was very difficult to get information. The friend I was with had a panic attack. I smelled pepper (pepper spray from the police, editor’s note). I thought it was going away and that it was unacceptable. “

Tension even after the match

After the match, the situation was tense according to what Rodolfo Amaya saw: “We left with three friends, we were quite calm. I saw them attacking isolated people to take their bags, or they were picked up right away. To be unhappy, I think horrible to see the police reaction with supporters raising their hands and saying, “I’m not pushing, let me pass.” At the exit of the stadium, I saw people trying to get in to see the celebrations. The gates were completely open to everyone. people, when we can secure the perimeter? while he was simply in the process of leaving the stadium. “

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