Chaos at the Stade de France: Zemmour accuses Darmanin of “putting dust under the carpet”

Chaos at the Stade de France: Zemmour accuses Darmanin of "putting dust under the carpet"

Éric Zemmour, the far-right President of the Reconquête!

Stéphane Troussel, Socialist President of the Departmental Council of 93, immediately refuted criticism of the far-right candidate for the parliamentary elections in Vary. “I do not accept that the extreme right is unleashed against its favorite object of hatred, the Seine-Saint-Denis and its inhabitants, I will not accept that we are scapegoats,” he told France info.

“Gerald Darmanin is lying. I accuse him of putting dust under the carpet, “Eric Zemmour told Europe 1, the Home Secretary originally pointed out the responsibility of English supporters without tickets.

“Kvinquenium coming scum”

According to him, the incidents are due to “suburbs, robbers, thieves and tutti quanti” and “this misfortune of Mr. Darmanin is announced by the coming five-year period, ie the five-year period of the beginning of the scum who form the law more and more”.

“The problem is neither English supporters nor the police, the problem is that Seine-Saint-Denis has largely become a foreign enclave,” where “we hardly speak French anymore, where people are no longer dressed à la française, where morals are already almost French, “assured Éric Zemmour.

The match at the forefront of European football, in which Real Madrid won over Liverpool (1: 0), started in Saint-Denis with a delay of more than 30 minutes due to scenes of chaos in front of the stadium, due to a rush of tens of thousands of fans and attempts to disrupt.

This morning, the Ministry of Sports gathered the Champions League finalists, the police and local authorities to “learn” from the fiasco that took place a year before the 2023 Rugby World Cup and two years before the 2024 Paris Olympics.

VIDEO. “Indescribable chaos”: Liverpool fans tell their evening at the Stade de France

“We find that there are dozens, hundreds of individuals, rapists, from all over Île-de-France, at this type of event who are meeting on the occasion of an exceptional event. I repeat, the intelligence services, the police could not have predicted this type of situation? “Stéphane Troussel was still sorry.

Claiming that he had “never seen such a disorganization around the Stade de France” at major events, the president of the department called for “a rapid, transparent and in-depth examination of these dysfunctions.”

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