Cheating, time loop, and games of the week Tower of Perpetuity: The Switch

Cheating, time loop, and games of the week Tower of Perpetuity: The Switch

Game news Cheating, time loop, and games of the week Tower of Perpetuity: The Switch

For this last week in May, news of releases on Switch remains very calm again. Nevertheless, in order for you to find another game where you will spend hours, the JV editorial staff offers you a selection of news on the eShop.


  • Map of Shark
  • Repentant
  • TOKOYO: The tower of eternity


LOOPERS is a sci-fi visual novel in which we follow the adventures of a group of high school students who try to escape from a world in which they are forced to live the same day again and again. While they are prisoners of a phenomenon called Time Spiral, they encounter other blocked characters to work with to get out of the situation. The whole adventure follows thanks to the work of Kei Mochizuki, who offers anime-style illustrations based on bright colors supported by very colored lines. For fans of the genre, keep in mind that the title is only available in English, but dubbed in Japanese, and there are no storylines determined by the player’s choices.

  • Release Date: June 2
  • Buy LOOPERS at eSwitch

Map of Shark

Card Shark is a mix between adventure and card game with a very original principle, because the whole experience is based on cheating. In the heart of 18th-century France, we play Count Saint-Germain, a historical figure known for his skill in card games, who described in his memoirs all the tricks we find in the title. It is up to you to mark the cards, make fake shuffles or fake cuts to make the most profit and fund your social advancement until you reach the royal table. Developed by Nerial, at the birth of Reigns, and Arnaud De Bock, to whom we owe Pikunik, he also benefits from a unique artistic direction signed by Nicolai Troshinsky to immerse himself in the world of nobility under Louis XV.

  • Release Date: June 2
  • Buy Card Shark in the Switch eShop


Repentant is a point’n’click adventure in which we discover the character of Oliver, a criminal who begins to suffer from deep remorse after the terrible deeds of which his family has fallen victim. As he increasingly plunges into alcoholism, he tries to reconnect with his ex-wife, but fails. One day, however, he witnesses a robbery committed by a young woman in a store, which gives him the perfect opportunity to atone for his sins … if he can determine who the victim really is. With its backdrops and hand-drawn characters, Restless Corp offers a dark story that, according to its developers, promises an unexpected end.

  • Release Date: June 2
  • Buy Repentant on the Switch eShop

TOKOYO: The tower of eternity

TOKOYO: The Tower of Perpetuity is a 2D pixelart action game with rogue-lite elements, in which players from all over the world compete in a huge tower, the structure of which changes daily. There are a lot of monsters and tricky traps in this Tower of Perpetuity, so you will have to use your gadgets effectively to deal with other players who will also try to conquer this place. Thanks to many branches, you will come across the tombstones of your opponents, where you can read their last words. Finally, there are also several characters with different talents in the game, so that everyone can find a style of play that suits them.

  • Release Date: June 2
  • Buy TOKOYO: The Tower of Perpetuity at eShop Switch

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