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Aleksander Ceferin

Since its expansion with PSG, Kylian Mbappe it has stirred up the world of football a lot, especially with our Spanish neighbors. Among observers, journalists and trans-Pyrenean consultants, he is president league who was the loudest: What will be PSG restoration Mbappe with large sums of money (especially from where and how it is paid) after losses of 700 million euros in recent seasons and a salary of more than 600 million euros, this is an insult to football“he said Javier Tebas. If PSG and his stellar striker has attracted anger from Spain, it should be noted that support also exists after the choice he made Kylian Mbappe.

Alexander Ceferin defends PSG and Mbappé’s election

In response to his Spanish counterpart, LFP issued a press release to deliver an opinionUNFP he did the same. Plus, football legends like it Samuel Eto’o and Francesco Totti welcomed the election of number 7 in Paris, and that is the presidentUEFA, Alexander Ceferinwhich rises today, which rises to the battlements. During an interview withAFPThe European leader, present in Paris at the Champions League final, said: ” It’s not right that league Spanish criticizes Paris SG following the extension of the Treaty of Paris of Kylian Mbappe. I absolutely disagree Javier Tebas. There are still too many insults in football, and I think every league should take care of its own. It is not right for me that one league criticizes another“.

“As far as I know, Real’s offer for Mbappé was similar to PSG’s.”

Reply to Javier Tebas who argued Mbappe would extend to PSGwith large sums of money“, Despite the financial losses the club has suffered Red Blue, Alexander Ceferin he replied to the chairman league : ” As far as I know, the offer Real Madrid for Mbappe was similar to that PSG. We have clear rules. Anyone who follows these rules can play our competitions, others cannot. Things are changing! You can’t say, ‘I’m a traditional club, I have to win for my life.’ Things change and everyone who follows the rules is welcome“. That is, with reference to the opposition that may exist among “traditional” clubs because of their history and the clubs that write or attempt to write their history in European football today. President of the companyUEFA then ended the conversation with our colleagues from the capitalAFP by invoking a new rule of financial fair play reform: ” The important thing is that you can’t spend more than 70% of your income on salaries. This should allow clubs to be viable“.

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