Chelsea: A touching farewell to Roman Abramovich

Chelsea: A touching farewell to Roman Abramovich

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This time it is. On the Stamford Bridge side, the page has definitely turned. Chelsea, owned by Roman Abramovich since June 2003, no longer belongs to the Russian oligarch, who sold the London club to the Todd Boehly / Clearlake Capital consortium. If the Premier League confirmed the operation before the government followed suit, the incumbent European champions and world champions ratified the case this Saturday. The sad end, hastened by Russia’s war in Ukraine, and the alleged closeness of the 55-year-old businessman with the Kremlin and Vladimir Putin.

If Roman Abramovich’s official departure allows the Blues to see, breathe and move forward more clearly, especially in the summer transition period 2022 and on the contours of the new internal organization chart, it means the end of an era created by 21 titles that have been raised over the past 19 years. Through a press release released this Saturday, the Russian oligarch wanted to send a message to all Chelsea supporters, which prompted a touching farewell.

Roman Abramovich’s Blues message

It’s been almost three months since I announced my intention to sell Chelsea FC. During this time, the team worked hard to find the right goalkeeper for Chelsea FC who would be in the best position to successfully lead the club to the next chapter.

With the ownership of this club comes a great responsibility. Ever since I came to Chelsea almost twenty years ago, I have witnessed what this club can achieve. My goal was to ensure that the next owner had a mindset that would allow both the men’s and women’s teams to succeed, as well as the willingness and effort to continue developing other key aspects of the club, such as the Academy and the core work of the Chelsea Foundation.

I am glad that this research is now complete. When passing Chelsea to her new goalkeepers, I would like to wish them good luck on and off the court. *

It has been a lifelong honor to be part of this club – I would like to thank all the past and current players of the club, the staff and of course the fans for these amazing years.

I am proud that, as a result of our shared success, millions of people will now benefit from the new charitable foundation that is being set up. This is the legacy we have created together.


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