Children can also have a heart attack

Children can also have a heart attack

With the remark that most of the sudden deaths in childhood are caused by heart disease, the specialist in pediatric cardiology Prof. Dr. Kazim Öztarhan said: “Regular check-ups are a must, especially for those with a family history of heart attack at an early age.”

Children can also have a heart attack

Although a heart attack usually occurs at an older age, it is also a serious threat to children. Dr. Kazım Öztarhan gave his parents basic advice … Here are his explanations …

prof. Dr. Kazim Oztarhan


From time to time we hear reports that school-age children die from play, cycling and training. These deaths are usually of cardiac origin. Compared to peers, therefore, children should go to the doctor who get tired quickly, feel short of breath, have chest pains when moving or sitting, have a chest pain accompanied by palpitations, and faint.

What should families look out for?

Children of any age group can have a heart attack. The most important cause of heart attack is heart muscle disease. Those with genetic inheritance have an important place in these diseases. The most important function that will warn parents is deaths of unknown cause in a family under 40 years of age. In the presence of family members who got lost at an early age without knowing the reason, children should definitely be examined.

Children with a family history of pacemakers, early heart attack and genetically inherited hyperlipidaemia (high blood fat levels) should also have a cardiac examination. Heart muscle disease can develop later. The most common cause we see is inflammation of the heart muscle. A doctor should be consulted for weakness, fatigue, shortness of breath, chest pain and palpitations after a viral upper respiratory disease that may be considered insignificant.

Obesity is a big risk

Ischemic heart disease is one of the causes of sudden death from heart attacks in children. Coronary heart disease may be hereditary or may be associated with obesity, diabetes and hypertension. Protecting children from obesity, which is one of the most important health problems, is very important for heart health. The importance of a healthy diet and exercise should not be forgotten.

Kawasaki disease, which is one of the major causes of coronary heart disease in children, usually occurs in the first 5 years after an upper respiratory tract infection. His findings are redness of the eyes and tongue, rashes on the body and peeling fingers and toes. The disease causes a heart attack by affecting the coronary vessels.

Allergy and cold medicines can be harmful

Heart rhythm disturbances may be observed in children for genetic reasons. Antibiotics, distraction-hyperactivity and drugs used in the long-term treatment of allergies can also cause arrhythmias and palpitations. Arrhythmias can often occur with long-term use of cough and cold medications in high doses. Unnecessary medications should not be taken without the consent of a doctor.

On the other hand, the heart health of children who are just starting out in sports should be evaluated. Sport should be accompanied by a coach and prohibited substances of natural or synthetic origin that increase muscle mass or energy should not be used.


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