Cornelian’s choice of Djokovic-Nadal shock programming

Cornelian's choice of Djokovic-Nadal shock programming

And Roland Garros,

The clash between Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic is only on the agenda on Tuesday, but on Monday we will know which of them will have an advantage over the other. Because the confrontation between the two monsters, which everyone has been waiting for since this Roland-Garros draw, is the subject of a big fight behind the scenes. The programming time of this quarterfinal is at stake. During the day or evening? Free or paid? Sacred tension for the TEN big tournament poster, which the candidates intend to approach under the conditions that suit them best. And that broadcasters are tearing, of course.

The boss prefers the afternoon …

It is a battle that takes place on several levels. Let’s start with the players. Rafael Nadal never hid it, he hates nights at Roland’s. Colder conditions change the characteristics of the clay court and its ball is a little less difficult to return. And it’s not because he went against Corentin Moutet on Wednesday night, so he changed his mind.

“I don’t like night sessions, I’ve already said that.” I don’t like to play clay at night. There is higher humidity. The ball is slower and conditions can be very difficult when it is cold. It’s a big difference to play tennis day or night on clay, “the Spaniard explained on Friday after winning the third round over Van De Zandschulp.

… Holds it in the evening

Inevitably, when a man sculpted in his life tells Roland his opinion, it is difficult to turn his head to the other side and act as if we have not heard. However, the record holder in the victory of Porte d’Auteuil is not the only one who went to file a complaint in the organizers’ office. His opponent would certainly not be unhappy if the match was scheduled for the evening. “All I can say is that Rafa and I would make different demands,” Srb said at the weekend at France TV’s microphone with a smirk.

Like us – and definitely better, even if we look at the best at times of depression – he remembers last year’s magical semifinal perfectly, when he sent place owners at the end of the night. A clash of rare intensity, brutal, that the world number one entered directly into the 3 best matches of his career. He knows very well that the night conditions suit him. And all Djoko we are never hurt to start a game on Roland against Nadal with a slight advantage.

But this little game of influence is not much compared to the fiercer battle between the two broadcasters. On the one hand, France Télévisions, the tournament’s historical partner since 1987, intends to be able to offer a blockbuster to its spectators after having to give up Nadal-Moutet and in the third round of one of the last Frenchmen in the run, Hugo Gaston, Saturday. The public service arguments were all found: a loyalty bonus and above all a free one.

Except that Amazon didn’t put 15 million euros a year on the table to see the door slammed in front of him when the monster collided. The American platform has just won all the night sessions – in addition to all the Simonne-Mathieu court matches – for this kind of moment. Why else ask people to pay for a subscription? A tacit agreement requires that it be she who has the first choice, and that in the event of a dispute, it is the direction of the tournament that cuts, even the Federation.

The “essential indicator” of the first year of Mauresma

“It will be their decision,” only the giant VOD answers the question. It’s still hard to imagine him getting it done without complaining, arguing, for example, that he could weigh the choice if Amazon decides to continue its commitment beyond the 2023 release. Prime Video maliciously prepared his coup, anyway, ask twice about Carlos Alcaraz at night. It’s hard to send a little Spanish miracle son again, the only credible alternative to this poster to play in the cold from Tuesday to the end…

On Sunday night, excited about Nadal’s huge fifth set against Auger-Aliassime, Laurent Luyat announced that the quarterfinals would take place at 2.30pm – France TV – before pedaling. The answer is good for this Monday and it’s more Amazon holding the rope. In any case, this is the first hot ensemble to settle for Amelia Mauresmo. Former Director Guy Forget, this year’s Prime Video consultant, warned when we met with him before the tournament began:

“Once Amelia cut us with a schedule of girls’ semifinals [en 2019]. It’s not easy to make these decisions, you have to try to satisfy everyone, but it’s not always possible. Compromises need to be made that some people inevitably dislike. »

Whether it’s a coincidence or not – we’d rather approach the second option – the head of the tournament decided late on Sunday night to postpone the press briefing on Wednesday, which was to take place on Monday morning at 10:00. In any case, she knows she is eagerly awaited on the subject. “This decision will be a key indicator [sa] first year, feel free to tell Nicolas Mahut our colleagues at Team. Roland is a legacy of French sport, as is the Tour du France. Can you imagine the Alpe d’Huez stage broadcast on a paid channel and therefore inaccessible to the vast majority of viewers? It’s funny, we wouldn’t bet our PEL that this would never happen.

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