Counter lines: a very chilling surprise for all French people!


The famous green and white EDF meter, which is causing a lot of controversy, the Linka meter, again in full torment, here are the details.

Enedis, which is in charge of its deployment, intends to get them to change their minds. The People Act Magazine team invites you to discover provisions that will come into force soon. We also return to the controversy surrounding the box and to the root of its concerns.

Lines meter: a case that sows disagreement

The counter lines, the famous little lime-colored box, caused quite an unexpected but very important controversy. As a reminder, this is a new generation electricity meter that replaces our old archaic electricity meters. Enedis has been commissioned by the government to replace all old boxes since 2016. Its goal was to achieve an installation rate of 90% of the Line’s meters by the end of 2021, which was successful.

Lines counter

This new generation cabinet has everything on paper. Its installation is free and makes it much easier to read energy consumption. So why so many contradictions? If it’s hard to find the source of the problem, one thing is for sure, it all started on the internet.

The Lines counter arrived at a time when social networks were fully accepting and infiltrating older generations, also called baby boomers. The latter have traditionally feared technological progress. Thanks to new communication technologies, however, they managed to brainwash by demonizing a box of lime.

Linky was accused of everything and the opposite. The charlatans joined in, citing harmful energies, health risks, and a number of symptoms that they apparently have medication for. The French began to refuse to install this box and even burn it!

Are these concerns justified?

First of all, People Act Magazine would like to reassure you. Meter lines are not bad devices. Of course, they are not perfect, but the concerns they raise are greatly exaggerated.

These devices accurately collect data on your electricity consumption and transmit it via Powerline Communication or PLC. This is a technology that is not really revolutionary, but it has proven itself. The same technology is found in our TV decoders.

Its electromagnetic radiation is therefore minimal. The lines in your consumption cannot be wrong. And it is not possible to falsify the results.

It should also be noted that the case does not have a microphone or camera. Which in itself would be useless if you already have smartphones with you all day.

Another important advantage is that this smart box can detect an electrical fault on your line and interrupt it remotely. Maintenance and repairs can be performed remotely, which has proven to be very useful during the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic.

The only downside is the obligation to perform any operation related to the Line online meter, which can be complicated for seniors. In addition, these boxes are not compatible with Tempo and EJP emergency systems. However, we hope that alternatives will be found in the future.

Links: Enedis makes decisions about outstanding customers.

Despite the controversy, the deployment of the Enedis Meter Line was a great success. However, there are still almost four million EDF customers who do not want to have it at home. This is a problem for the installer, who is required to send a technician to the site. However, they found a procession.


So those who are refractory to the Lines meter will now have to put their hands in their pockets if they still want to use their old meter. Enedis will charge them € 8.30 every two months starting on 1 January 2023. This charge will be reviewed in 2025 if there are still customers who do not use this box.

This fine is not very high, but still represents around € 50 per year for unconnected households. At the current energy price, there is reason to think. So if you don’t have your Lines box yet, People Act Magazine recommends that you carefully consider installing it before the end of 2022 if you want to avoid unnecessary costs on your electricity bill ….

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