Cupra Born: Is this electric car a real old school GTI?

Cupra Born: Is this electric car a real old school GTI?

Cupra has become a brand in itself, especially to instill a sporting spirit in cars that have been or could be taken from the Seat catalog. Does Born illustrate this philosophy within the Volkswagen Group well?


For obvious safety reasons, we do not recommend trying to push the Cupra Born or any other vehicle to its limits on open roads.

Life is a rare commodity that must be preserved, either for oneself or for others.

As with professional pilots, no driver is immune to unexpected or erroneous judgment. Driving on electricity also and above all means inventing a different way of driving.

Little history

In 2019, Seat presented its el-Born concept at the Frankfurt Motor Show with the aim of making it the second electric car in its 2020 catalog after the Mia cloned into the Volkswagen e-Up !.

Equipped ” sports and emotional drawing According to the group’s annual report, chaired by Herbert Diess, it was to take over ID.3 elements, starting with the famous MEB platform dedicated to connected vehicles. Eventually, marketing began a year later, under the Cupr logo.

Today, two engine powers are available for a standard torque of 310 Nm: the 150 kW (204 hp) for the Born V that we have available and the 170 kW (230 hp) for the Born VZ. Specifically, these subsidies allow you to complete the exercise from 0 to 100 km / h in 7.3 and 6.6 seconds.

They share a battery with a useful energy capacity of 58 kWh (a total of 62 kWh) for the combined WLTP cycle between 388 and 417 km, depending on the design and capabilities. The range should expand in the coming months.

Sporty look?

Does Cupra Born have a sporty look? This question was asked by Max Freyss. He noticed 20-inch alloy wheels in black and rose gold. ” Twenty inches, it’s sporty and we have pretty thin tires “He appreciates. This impression is completed by a relatively low ground clearance, a rounded roof and 2 artistic options.

First, a black plastic piece with patterns on each side. Extending the glazing brings smoothness. The gray side sills then add dynamism.

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At the front, the optical drives are aggressive. ” They give the vehicle a fairly sharp shape “Our cameraman says.” The finned rear bumper complements this range as well as the elegant light strip. Max Freyss prefers the white Nevada (option for 640 euros) of the model we have available, the blue Aurora (955 euros).

On board

Probably a bit busy when you’re used to the Tesla Model 3, the Cupra Born dashboard cheerfully mixes different materials. In the back panel is a gray reminder of a plastic part. 2 more tablets are easy to read.

On today’s cars, the steering wheels are subject to styles that may not necessarily be uniform in use. This is the case with this electrical compact, where the bulge undermines the softness of the hoop. Bucket seats offer a good compromise between support and comfort. They are heated and massage and you will appreciate them in the same way for each of the 4 driving modes Individual, Performance, Comfort and Range.

It was the latter that Max Freyss initially tried. In order to promote autonomy, it reduces performance, softens the suspension and reduces the consumption of the heating and air conditioning system.

Take advantage of all the power

Unlike Range, Performance mode releases the engine. The steering wheel stroke and damping of the Cupry Born will be reinforced for more precise steering. Our cameraman’s preferences point to the Range and Comfort options. ” We really enjoy riding it. Even in the Range mode, it is difficult to get out of the roundabout “, He says, noting the electric compact’s driving behavior.

The driver’s position seems to be relatively high for a car that has a rather low ground clearance. What is appreciative to dominate the road. However, just by moving to Performance, Max Freyss will move Cupra Born. He noticed” acceleration from 0 to 80 km / h quite stormy However, he regrets: In addition, we get the impression that it lacks some juice. We don’t feel like it’s pushing too hard anymore “.

However, the machine kept its promises when it reached an acceleration of 0-100 km / h in 7.24 s on our stopwatch. In the ascent to Col de Saverne, the foot on the floor (while respecting the speed limits) and in Performance mode, the machine disappointed a bit.

Cupra Born limits

The first stunning limit for a car that wants to be sporty: top speed 160 km / h. ” It could be at least around 180 km / h “, Evaluates our tester. However, it draws attention to the disadvantage of fitting wide 20-inch tires: higher consumption, which has a negative effect on autonomy, and less absorption of unevenness on the road surface, which can make the vehicle quite uncomfortable.

However, Max Freyss’ essay contradicts this last point: Even in Performance mode, which strengthens the suspension, it is still very comfortable and perhaps too comfortable for a sports car. “.

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In his twelve-minute video, he points to the Cupra Born regeneration device, which does not allow the vehicle to be immobilized by simply lifting his foot off the accelerator pedal. To do this, you must depress the brake pedal.

And without ESP

With a relatively low center of gravity, the electric compact holds well on the road even in the wet. ” We can still have fun. It’s still enjoyable as a ride, it’s dynamic “Our cameraman is judging.”

With ESP off, the tires can quickly start whistling if you tickle the machine too much. However, his behavior remains quite neutral and we have not seen a tendency to persecute from behind.

With this model, we only have the power we need for motorists to handle it. The 230-horsepower version has to bring a little extra, although I think it’s still too weak “Compares Max Freyss.


Is the Cupra Born a car with sports genes? On the outside, it really does represent a view that suggests it. with a very aggressive look ahead and a few specifications here and there “, Our tester identifies.

Unfortunately, the engine does not follow. It’s not Cupra, strictly speaking “He decided. Which doesn’t stop him from finding this car.” very nice, very comfortable, just as dynamic, with recovery and the comfort it seeks.

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