Dam L1-L2 live: very bitter, Dupraz regrets … absence of air conditioning in Auxerre

Dam L1-L2 live: very bitter, Dupraz regrets ... absence of air conditioning in Auxerre

Dupraz complains about reception conditions in Auxerre (and deals with arbitration)

Why did you leave the locker room during the break?

“It’s been 35 or 40 degrees since the air conditioning in the locker room … Was Guy Roux there? I don’t know. We’ve been making it as few people since then.” as much as possible in the locker room so that players can breathe as soon as I make the changes I wanted to make. I went outside. The guest locker room is very small and the air conditioning… We knew Mr. Guy Roux’s greed. had to be imitated. They didn’t turn on the air conditioning until the players warmed up. I was fine, but I was the only one present. It died out very quickly then. Guy Roux? I could give him the address of the cooling mechanic, ”said coach Saint-Etienne at the Amazon Prime Video microphone.


“I’m not crying again, but there’s a foot in the air from Charbonnier and a good sole on Boudebouz. But I’m not looking for an apology.”

Furlan (bein Sports): “Too bad we didn’t score one or two more goals”

“We struggled for the first 20 minutes, then we took over. It’s a shame. It will be difficult. It’s a shame we didn’t score one or two more goals. Surprised, but that’s normal, it’s a forced pace at the beginning of the Saint-Etienne match. My players then they were able to increase the pace. We had a chance. We’ll see what happens on Sunday. “

Dupraz (beIN Sports): “We missed it”

“I knew the match would be difficult. The return would also be difficult. Other goals could have been scored on our side, we just missed. Now it’s rest, care and positivism. I’ll see you on Sunday” Any remorse about my start lineup? I’m not sorry. The group understands that we will have two matches in four days. I know there will be a hot atmosphere on Sunday, our fans will be there, we can count on them. “

Game Over!

Auxerrois and the Greens leave their backs to each other after a game full of twists and turns!

If the guests took the right end thanks to a great goal from Youssouf, Pascal Dupraz’s charges saw the match with an exceptional performance by Perrin! End of the match 1-1, total tension for next Sunday, where Geoffroy Guichard decides!

Corner for nothing

The perfect trip from Bernardoni, who will blow his people away!

Corner kick for AJA!

Auxerre pushes and gets the corner over Perrin!

another 5 minutes

The fourth referee indicates that it will be extended for 5 minutes!

Crazy atmosphere!

Abbé Deschamps exploded on goal, but continues to push his team to victory!

Goal from AUXERRE!

What a sequence of Perrina on the right side of the penalty area, who then comes and puts the ball into the skylight Bernardoni! It’s unstoppable and it’s 1: 1!

Charbonnier Strike

The AJA striker tries his luck from a distance, but Bernardoni easily catches the ball.

New change for AJA

Remy Dugimont comes into play, Gauthier Hein goes the other way.

A foul from Perrin

Several times in this second period: Perrin pulls on Moukoudi’s jersey. No cardboard.

The game continues

Khazri stands up for Abbé Deschamps’ whistles.

Khazri remains on the ground

The Tunisian striker remains on the ground after contact with the AJA defender.

Nice ASSE defense

The Greens quickly returned to defend against this Auxerre counterattack. Nordin won the ball from Hein’s feet as he entered the Saint-Etienne area.

Change on the part of AJA

Trouillet replaces Sakhi in the middle of Auxerre’s advance.

Only four hits in the second half

Statistics revealing this fear of losing, which attacks Abbé Deschamps: 12 shots in the first period, only 2 in the second …

Camara crosses his shot too much!

After a very, very high risk of restoring Auxerre, Mahdi Camara gets the ball, but sees his shot low above the ground escaping from the frame. What a pity for the Greens!

Second period with great tension

Less rhythm, many mistakes, two cookies dealt, fewer opportunities … this second act is much more timid than the first.

Khazri Strike!

Khazri tries his luck spontaneously to get the ball back, but if the shot does not lack strength, he heads too far for the AJA goalkeeper.

Entrance to Boudebouz

Aouchiche gives way to Boudebouz!

Perrin comes into play

Gaetan Perrin replaces Lassine Sinayoko.

Trauco is trying his luck!

Nothing too dangerous. Trauco tried his luck with a volley from the corner of Bouango. Far away, the Peruvian saw his blow fly. Still 1: 0.

Yellow for Bouanga

The green striker is penalized for pushing the ball after the whistle and Aouchich’s foul in the middle of the field. Goal: save as much time as possible!

Strike d’Autret!

Very close to leveling! Autret tries his luck on the edge of the lime and sees his shot escape just inches from Bernardoni’s right post.

Triple changes for ASSE!

Khazri takes the place of Crivelli, Gabriel replaces Youssouf and Douath sends Sack to the bench! New blood everywhere.

No fine!

After using the VAR, the referee decides not to award a penalty to Auxerre. Still 1: 0 for ASSE.

Yellow for Bernard

Bernard, enraged at the referee’s decision, set off for Bouanga late and receives the first yellow in the match!

We demand a hand from ASSE!

The Auxerrois are furious! They demand a hand from Saint-Etienne in this area!

AJA control

Auxerre regains control of the game as the Greens continue to put pressure on Auxerre in their last 30 meters.

It’s here again!

The Greens are launching this second period!


The Greens are returning to the locker room with a short advantage after Youssouf’s great goal! However, the AJA players dominated in this first period, but in the last gesture they had difficulty with an overview. 1: 0 for ASSE!


It was very hot!

After a good recovery at the entrance to the ASSE surface, Autret found Hein alone at the far post, but his volley did not find the goal! Still 1: 0 for ASSE!


If Nordin didn’t touch the ball, Crivelli could see how his shot went into the net of Donovan Leon.

At the beginning of the action, AJA’s goalkeeper perfectly stopped Bouang’s shot before the ball reached Crivelli’s feet. In short, not far from KO!

AJA Strike

Autret tries to trap his shot from the left side, but with his body too back, the ball flies completely and Bernardoni will be able to clean up.

ASSE keeps the danger away!

Nade’s fine footwork caused nothing but headaches for Saint-Etienne. A sigh of relief.

New corner for AJA!

Charbonnier sees his center blocked by an ASSE defense and AJA wins the corner!

Auxerre is growing!

The Auxerrois were finally able to respond to the Greens’ effective projection to get the ball. Jean-Marc Furlan’s physically stronger and more comfortable players in recent gestures are now showing an interesting face.


In the perfect performance of Charbonnier, Autret presented himself against Bernardoni and tried his luck! Ligue 1’s doorman quickly extends and pulls the ball out of contact! INCREDIBLE PARADE!

Nice Bernardoni show!

Mathias Autret tries his luck directly, but the Green Porter intervenes! The ball is going to the corner and the guests will be able to breathe it because Sinayoko is fouling the corner kick. Still 1: 0.

Free kick for AJA!

Following an interesting free kick for AJA from left to right after this mistake Nordina.

Good pressure from visitors!

Pascal Dupraz’s men prevent the Auxerrois from being in the last meters. AJA residents continue to exchange cards, even if it means a return.

Corner for nothing

The center of Bouanga ends quietly in the Donovan Leon alcove.

Corner for the Greens!

The green wave goes very fast when the ball is picked up! This counterattack ends in the corner after Youssoufa center, the shooter of this part.

Auxerre is trying to respond!

Nice movement of three men on the right, but Arcus’ center is blocked. The Greens launch a counterattack!


Great winter for Abbé Deschamps! Zaydou Youssouf with a great bend at the end of the counterattack leads the ASSE on the path to victory!

Here’s where to start tonight. 0: 1 for the guests!

Offside position!

More fear than damage to AJA. Bouanga was in front of everyone and was labeled offside as an afterthought.


At the end of a great collective movement, Sacko Bouanga finds himself at the far end! Gabonec tries his luck without control of the ball and sees his shot fly away. It was hot!

AJA domination

As during this second part of the season, the Greens develop a counterattack and leave the ball to their opponents. Auxerrois use this tactic and try to be dangerous.

In the wall…

This backdrop was stopped by the Greens’ wall! AJA players will be able to build again.

Free kick for Auxerre!

Late intervention by Zaydou Youssouf when entering the surface and AJA gets a very interesting direct kick!

The first opportunity for the Greens!

Great Trauco Center for Nordin! Fortunately for AJA, Donovan Leon is first on the ball!

Lets go !

This double confrontation between the AJA and the ASSE begins today and ends next Sunday at Geoffroy Guichard! Who will use tonight? Answer in 90 minutes!

It’s an excavation!

Admission for two teams!

22 actors enter the lawn in Auxerre! Tifo, songs … great atmosphere.

The tension is rising!

Fans fill Abbé Deschamps bit by bit under the beautiful Yonne sun!

Since 2017, there has been only one Ligue 2 club that has made it to the elite through the playoffs: Troyes. AJA fans want to make history tonight and take a big step towards the rise. The atmosphere goes one step up!

Saint-Etienne lineup with Crivelli, Khazri on the bench

Bernardoni – Sacko, Moukoudi, Nadé, Trauco – Camara, Youssouf, Aouchiche – Nordin, Crivelli, Bouanga

Khazri and Hamouma are on the bench!

Eleven auxerrois!

Auxerre lineup: Léon – Arcus, Pellenard, Jubal, Bernard – Sakhi, B.Touré, Hein – Sinayoko, Autret – Charbonnier

Many Green supporters in Auxerre

As expected, several hundred Saint-Etienne supporters (around 1,000), mostly ultras, gathered in the center of Auxerre. In the middle of the afternoon, they stormed the bar terraces. No special events at this time. We remind you that the Stéphane car park is closed tonight, as well as many weeks after the overflow during the Coupe de France match at the beginning of the year. Yonne Prefecture has also issued a decree banning the presence of ASSE fans in the area near the stadium. The atmosphere is good at the moment, there are even jokes among Saint-Etienne and Auxerre fans.


End of applause for Dupraz

Whatever the outcome of the play, the Green coach should leave Forez at the end of the season.

Miracle Greens

The ASSE finished 18th in Ligue 1 after capturing a draw against Nantes on the 38th and final day (1-1). At the expense of Metz descended directly to Ligue 2. AJA won its shot on penalties against Sochaux (0-0, 5-4 on the lips).

Good night everyone

Welcome to our live broadcast so you can watch the Ligue 1-Ligue 2 playoff live between AJ Auxerre and AS Saint-Étienne. Kick off the match at 7pm in Abbé-Deschamps.

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