Dam L1 / L2: “Was there Guy Roux?”, Dupraz estimates reception conditions in Auxerre and the absence of air conditioning

Dam L1 / L2: "Was there Guy Roux?", Dupraz estimates reception conditions in Auxerre and the absence of air conditioning

When asked by Prime Video after the match, AS Saint-Etienne coach Pascal Dupraz very bitterly admitted the draw awarded in the last moments of the match against AJ Auxerre (1: 1) and points out in particular the error of the arbitration.

So AS Saint-Etienne will play for Ligue 1 at home, after a 1: 1 draw against Auxerre in the first playoff game this Thursday. Green coach Pascal Dupraz complained at the end of the meeting about the Prime Video microphone arbitration, concluding that Ryad Boudebouz’s mistake had been made at the beginning of the action that brought about Gaëtan Perrin’s settlement in the 87th.

“I’m not crying, but there was a mistake on the equalizer”

“I’m not crying, but the mistake was in the equalizing goal, Charbonnier’s leg in the air, which put a big sole on Boudebouz,” coach Stéphane estimated when the duel between the two players ended. took place a few seconds before the match. Auxerre a goal, and under the eyes of the referee. The ASSE midfielder did not complain about the man in black and continued to play as if nothing had happened.

“But I’m not looking for an apology!” Pascal Dupraz assured. He repeated the remarks during the press conference and also hurried there to chain his statements without specifying what he considered to be the referee’s mistake: “I would point out that, in my opinion, Charbonnier had made a mistake on Auxerre’s goal.”

Still at the microphone, Saint-Etienne’s Prime Video technician continues: “The wisdom is to heal, return to Saint-Etienne quickly and trust our doctors and physiotherapists to regenerate the players. Then prepare this emotionally challenging match and I hope you ours will do better than Auxerrois. ”

He also assures that he is not “disappointed” by his team, which “plays very good pieces of matches”, but which has “several air pockets for unexplained reasons or which are sometimes explained”. “But I trust them, I told them. You have to manage the strong moments and the weak ones,” the coach concludes, still bitter when he saw his team cope at the final meeting.

She’s complaining … about the lack of air conditioning

Even more surprisingly, Dupraz complained about reception conditions and condemned the absence … of air conditioning. “Why did I leave the locker room during the break? Since the air conditioning in the locker room does not work, it is 35 or 40 degrees … Was there Guy Roux? I do not know. Since then, we make sure there are as few people in the locker room as players As soon as I made the changes I wanted to make, I went outside.The locker room for guests is very small and the air conditioning… We knew about the greed of Mr. Guy Roux had to be imitated.The air conditioning turned on only when the players warmed up.I was fine but I was the only one. Then it went out very quickly. Guy Roux? I could give him the address of the cooling mechanic, “said coach Saint-Etienne at the Amazon Prime Video microphone.

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