Death of Jean Carrère – Jo Maso: “He was my mentor, a great man”

Death of Jean Carrère - Jo Maso: "He was my mentor, a great man"

The former rugby national team has spent almost his entire career in Toulon, USAP and Narbonne under the order of Jean Carrère, who died of a heart attack this Friday, May 27, at the age of 92. “He was my mentor,” confuses Jo Maso, upset.

“I’m amazed. Jean was my mentor, my friend, a great man who made me and gave me confidence. He was my second father in Toulon.” Jo Maso’s career is combined with Jean Carrère’s career. “I wouldn’t have this career without him”blows former 3/4 center XV of France, Toulon, USAP and RCN.

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Jo Maso discovers a man who was mayor of Argelès-sur-mer in Toulon from 1983 to 1999. “In 1962 I was almost 18, I wanted to study physical education and I was taken to Creps in Saint-Raphaël. So I played in Toulon. Jean was still a player and he was already a coach. He was indestructible. Of course I knew him by name and immediately he made me feel confident, protected, rewarded. He was an amazing person. A physical education teacher, a perfect athlete, he could run 110 meters in 14 seconds, he was a major at Insep (National Institute of Sports, Expertise and Performance). “recalls the one who wore the XV jersey 25 times.

Jean Carrère has 9 selections for Blues. The 3rd row was from the first winning French team in South Africa on August 16, 1958. “I saw apartheid there, but as I was dark and dark-skinned, black people came to me, treated me like half-breeds.” he recently confided in Midi Olympique.

“Great leader of the pack, exceptional man”

In Perpignan and Narbonne, the destinies of Jean Carrère and Jo Maso remain common. “He had the ability to put you in the right mood. He left me free in my qualities, he never limited me.” In Narbonne, Jean Carrère coached a team that lost in the finals of the French Championship against the Béziers in 1974. Still a painful memory for Jo Masa. “At the end of the final, Jean just made sure we lost by playing our rugby against a great Béziers team. But he didn’t cash in so easily.”

“He was a key player in my career. As a coach ahead of his time. He was a square man who kept his commitments, was friendly, attentive to others. A great leader of the pack. An exception man.”

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