DeLorean Alpha5, the first episode of rebirth

DeLorean Alpha5, the first episode of rebirth

In the end, DeLorean didn’t wait until August to show us his brand new electric car. The DeLorean Alpha5 will be a very exclusive model, a prelude to a more comprehensive range.

DeLorean’s story was short, but adorned with a touch of charm and a thriller that marked ghosts. Of course with a significant cinematic participation in a single model of the brand. Ingredients that make the brand name still resonate and justify its rebirth today.

A nod of the past

A renaissance that will not take place in the neoretro mode. The style of the new DeLorean Alpha5 is certainly signed as the DMC-12 style from the ItalDesign studio (now without Giorgett Giugiar), but we will be content with a few details to draw a parallel.

Of course, there is a butterfly door. The real DMC-12 symbols return here in an unusual length: Alpha5 has 4 seats and not 2. The principle of this large door has already been used by the Italian studio on 2 concepts: DeVinci in 2019 and Voyah i-Land in 2020.

The finer rear lights evoke the geometric side of the DMC-12 lights, also on 3 lines. As for the 18-spoke turbine rims, they also resemble the spoke pattern (45) of the original model. Finally the rear window is replaced by blinds: very 80’s.

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The square lines, on the other hand, give way to curves that stretch over 4,995 mm in length and 2,044 mm in width. The height of 1,370 mm would place this model in the coupe category (there are only 2 doors) with 4 seats. Cx 0.23 is within the current standard for this vehicle type.

The screens are present on board, but the smaller central screen has been moved to the bottom and is limited to the basic controls: audio, air conditioning, etc. The main screen is the one facing the driver.

Mechanics of the present

Under this very modern plastic, of course, are the underpants, which also have nothing to do with the origin of the brand with V6 PRV and Renault gearboxes. The next generation of DeLorean will be electric.

We still don’t know the performance of the engines, but it is undoubtedly generous, because it can accelerate from 0 to 100 km / h in 2.99 seconds. A less common measurement, but which is explained here, acceleration from 0 to 88 mph (142 km / h) will require 4.35 seconds and maximum speed is limited to 250 km / h.

A 100 kWh battery provides a range of 483 km (cycle not specified).

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An open door to the future

After working in Tesla and then in Karma, Joost de Vries bought the rights to the DeLorean brand. This Alpha5 is only the first stone of the building. The brand does not currently have a factory and will be manufactured in Italy, probably directly by ItalDesign. Only 88 copies are planned with deliveries in 2024.

On the other hand, we are informed about other models. Including electric sedan, hydrogen SUV and V8 coupe! Very eclectic program.

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