Deployment 5G: Algeria Telecom is being prepared

Deployment 5G: Algeria Telecom is being prepared

Algérie Télécom, criticized for the quality of its internet network, wants to develop its capacity and pave the way for the introduction of 5G mobile telephony.

The existing telephone operator in Algeria, which has a monopoly on ADSL internet and operates in mobile phones through its subsidiary Mobilis, which it controls 100%, is preparing for the deployment of this technology.

To achieve this, it relies on partnerships with foreign groups. Japan’s NEC Corporation and American Juniper Networks, which specializes in telephone networks and equipment, announced on Wednesday, May 25, that they had worked with an Algerian incumbent to deploy and upgrade its commercial IP network “to meet current capacity demand growth as well as future needs posed by 5G and FTTx “.

“NEC and Juniper have successfully delivered Algérie Télécom’s next-generation IP network while guaranteeing the quality of service to offer the best possible experience on a scale,” they said in a press release published on the Business Wire platform.

According to Japanese and American suppliers, Algérie Télécom has developed a medium-term strategic plan to build a transport network with a homogenized and optimized topology as well as automation capacities that guarantee bandwidth and resilience of its infrastructure in a growing market. .

“Starting the digital transformation”

The Algerian operator “has selected secure and high-performance solutions from the Juniper Networks portfolio” for “rich, simple and secure large-scale connections”. “This paves the way for a guaranteed user experience in comprehensive 5G and multi-cloud services,” the statement said.

“The successful completion of the IP network upgrade project by our partners, NEC Corporation and Juniper Networks, will allow us to move to IPV6 and initiate a digital transformation, as well as implement broadband Internet access and meet the needs of Algeria Telecom’s customers,” he said. Algeria Télécom CEO Adel Bentoumi, quoted in a press release by both companies.

The public monopoly on fixed Internet ADSL, Algérie Télécom, is often praised by its customers for the uncertain quality of its services and the inability to ensure a constant speed, especially at peak times.

Despite investments in telecommunications in Algeria, the quality of fixed and mobile internet remains below average. A situation that seriously threatens ambitious government projects in the field of digital transformation.

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