Description of ‘Monkey Flowers’ by the Adana Medical Chamber

Description of 'Monkey Flowers' by the Adana Medical Chamber

President of the Medical Chamber Adana Dr. Dr. Selahattin Menteş said that the existence of monkeypox had been known for fifty years, that the smallpox vaccine had prevented the virus, and that monkeypox would disappear on its own as soon as people learned to live in harmony without destroying nature. Menteş added that after the Covid-19 pandemic, people approach every disease with fear.

President of the Medical Chamber Adana Dr. Dr. Selahattin Menteş made a written statement about the smallpox epidemic, which was intensively detected in countries outside Africa and caused concern.

Menteş said: “As long as people continue to destroy nature at this rate and destroy wildlife, pandemics will be inevitable. The Covid-19 pandemic, which began in 2019 and took the world by storm, changed our habits and killed millions of people, is not even over. With the destruction of the Covid-19 pandemic, humanity is approaching every new disease with fear, “he said.


President Uzm has stated that smallpox is a known disease for fifty years. Dr. Mentes said:

“Monkey pox disease is so widespread and first appeared on various continents. He comes from Africa. It is a disease similar to today’s Neštovice. Vaccination was stopped in 1980, when smallpox was accepted worldwide as completely vaccinated by vaccination. People up to this date can be considered vaccinated against both smallpox and monkeypox.

Monkeypox is caused by the monkeypox virus, a member of the orthoxvirus family of poxviruses. It is usually manifested by fever, redness and swollen lymph nodes. 3-6 percent of cases have died recently. It is transmitted in close contact with infected people and animals. It can be transmitted by breathing, droplets or even using the same bedding. ”


Menteş concluded his words as follows:

“Transmission speed is low compared to Covid-19 and smallpox. There is currently a vaccine against this disease. In any case, the incidence of the disease, both today and on separate continents, is significant and should be taken seriously.

According to public health principles, the disease should be seriously combated, but there should be no panic. The disease and the virus are known. There is a vaccine for this disease and smallpox. Living in harmony with nature and stopping the destruction of nature as soon as possible is the only way to reduce these pandemics. “

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