Diablo Immortal: A game on consoles at last? the licensee is responsible

Diablo Immortal: A game on consoles at last?  the licensee is responsible

Game news Diablo Immortal: A game on consoles at last? the licensee is responsible

The new Diablo will soon see the light of day! No, it’s not Diablo IV (unfortunately), but Diablo Immortal, a kind of 2.5 episode for mobile phones and brought by Blizzard on a PC. While the game will be available soon, the consoles will not have the opportunity to experience this new adventure. Situation that may change according to the license manager.

Designed for mobile, ported to PC

Blizzard has been expanding its mobile licenses for several years, as has its card game. HearthStone or Warcraft Arclight Rumble which should be released later this year. Another game that comes out on iOS and Android is none other than Immbloal DiabloThe last adventure in the world of Sanctuary before you get the news Diablo IV.

Originally announced as a mobile exclusive in 2018, in the end, everyone is surprised that Blizzard introduced the game on the PC earlier this year. This version is more or less equivalent to “port”, but will include several platform-specific options, especially some display options. The icing on the cake is that driver fans can also use their favorite driver.

But with improvised porting and driver support, why the hell wouldn’t the game work on a console? Rod Fergusson, director of licensing, can answer this question clearly and evasively.

Will it work out, will it not work out?

It was during a group interview that Rod Fergusson was able to clarify the question of a possible console port. The development of such a port requires considerable extra work for it, but it does not close the door to this idea.

I want to emphasize that driver support and console support are two very different things. Basically, I’m the type of never say never, but today we have nothing to announce or say.

So Diablo Immortal on the consoles is not out of the question, but also really unplanned on the Blizzard side. In fact, implementing gamepad support is more of an accessibility issue. Opinion shared by Joe Grubb, the game’s director.

I think an important part of the gamepad’s support was that it was supposed to be part of the mobile version, so eventually mobile and PC (…). It was part of our goal to bring Diablo Immortal to a new audience and make it more accessible. So it’s just another option, because some players prefer to play with the controller. We received a lot of feedback during the beta. So the decision was much more about fulfilling this player’s desire and providing more ways to get involved with Immortal.

Diablo Immortal on the consoles is not for tomorrow, but this idea should not be abandoned either. If Joe Grubb emphasizes the importance of offering as many people as possible the opportunity to play software, the logical next step would, of course, be a console port. Before we rejoice, we will have to wait and hope for an official announcement from Blizzard. In the meantime, mobile and computer players will be able to hunt demons from June 2.

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