DIRECT. Rugby European Cup final: a slight advantage for the Irish, but La Rochelle is still in the game

DIRECT.  Rugby European Cup final: a slight advantage for the Irish, but La Rochelle is still in the game

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19:54 : @happy grandmother Unfortunately, I never registered the status of a fortune teller for sports predictions (otherwise I would read it live on my yacht ;-)). Congratulations to the Rochelais for making me lie!

19:53 : They did La Rochelle well! Pierre bad forecast, but not too serious !!!!

19:53 : La Rochelle, it’s not just Francofoils

19:52 : Yeah yeah yeah La Rochelle won Big congratulations to all these players. Very big club for Poitou-Charentes 💙💚💛💜

19:50 : Pure happiness !!! Thank you and congratulations Maritimes. ❤️👏✌️

19:50 : “We have shown that we are angry and will not leave it”Greg Alldritt, L Rochelle’s lungs on France 2, reacts hotly.

19:49 : Excellent La Rochelle. 3 attempts at 0

19:49 : And honestly, does this French domination not bode well for the World Cup? 🙂

19:48 : Oh baby! If someone told me at the beginning of the match that La Rochelle would win, I would not believe it !!!

19:48 : Not a bit dry, the heart is pounding, but what luck !!!

19:48 : I wouldn’t bet my shirt

19:48 : WHAT IS EXPLOITTTTTTT !!!!! Incredibly!!! Congratulations Rochelais !!!

19:49 : Rugby is a sport that is played 15 against 15 and in the end it is the French who win! After the Six Nations Tournament, after the small European Cup last night for Lyon, La Rochelle won the Champions Cup against Leinster (24-21)!

19:46 : The essay La Rochelle was signed by Arthur Retière, who extends the entire length so that he can place the ball on the line! Last minute! La Rochelle passes the ball ahead of time! 22-21 for Maritimes, heroes!

19:44 : It’s been a good five minutes since the La Rochelle attackers camped two meters from Leinster’s goal line, but at the moment La Rochelais is defending the Irish heroic defense and a certain clumsiness Maritimes.

19:37 : What an exciting end to the match La Rochelais has! The tension is huge!

19:36 : @Cdn I do not hide from you that I have a problem seeing La Rochelle win, although I am quite disappointed with the performance of the Irish, who win thanks to Sexton’s leg and La Rochelle’s indiscipline …

19:34 : This end of the game is unbreathable! Go to La Rochelle, we believe in it !!!

19:25 : Au, au, au, Thomas Lavault has just received a yellow card for tripping an opponent. Ten minutes short, which could cost the Maritime, only a quarter of an hour remained in the game. 21-17 for the Irish66.

19:39 : La Rochelle will try to restart this match! It was Pierre Bourgarit, a hooker, who leveled off after the attack. The test is transformed and here La Rochelle is again in the place of the Irish (63rd).


19:08 : Au, au, au, Jonathan Sexton has again found a space between the poles, which gives the Irish an 8-point advantage. Or more than a converted essay. It’s time for the Maritimes to light this game, we feel like Leinster is slowly putting them to sleep. 25 more minutes so you don’t regret it.

19:02 : I see you criticizing the referees in the comments, but the Irish still give up a bit of a new penalty in this final (50th). We will be back for the show.

18:55 : Gentlemen of Rochelle, shoot first. Reduce the score right from the start for Maritimes, who return to 2 small points thanks to the penalty. 12-10 for Leinstermaximum voltage for another 38 minutes.

18:39 : And arbitration, as always favorable for the Anglo-Saxons … Something will have to be done one day …

18:39 : I have apnea! Eat Maritimes !!!

18:37 : There’s a break at the Stade Vélodrome. If Leinster leads a close in the score (12-7, with a penalty for the last second), Rochelais offers a solid performance especially in defense, which suffocates Irish offensive tendencies. Maritimes are still in the game!

18:12 : The Irish are back on the scoreboard thanks to a penalty from the inevitable Johnny Sexton (, 24th minute).

18:29 : Reaction of Rochelais, who led 6: 0 with their indiscipline! It was the wingman Rhule who scored a great slalom attempt over the Irish defense. “Rhule Britannia”, as we say among the Anglo-Saxons 😉 7-6 for La Rochelle after the conversion between the poles.


17:52 : I’m afraid all hopes for the season will be dashed in a week. Go get an EOU next week ….

17:51 : The indestructible Jonathan Sexton may be slightly gray on his temples, it is the Rochelais who may have white hair due to his foot skills. This first penalty of the match confirms the Irish domination at the beginning of the match. 3: 0 for Leinster6.

17:48 : Well, I want to believe it. He deserves victory. I have nothing against the Irish, on the contrary, because the enemies of our enemies are my friends. Nothing against the English, but hey … So go to La Rochelle tonight

17:46 : Let’s go to this European Cup final between Leinster and La Rochelle at the Velodrome stadium all in blue (Leinster color) and yellow (Maritimes color) dressed.

17:34 : La Rochelle seizes Vélodrome…

17:34 : Everything in the choir with @staderochelais! @Sudouest

17:33 : @ Matou06 I predict a relatively clear victory for the Irish, say 30-15 for Leinster.

17:33 : It will be Lens (ter) against La Rochelle: 21: 6, with Pierre.

17:32 : Big sports evening with us! And a strong idea for the @staderochelais players, who are going to challenge the Irish from Leinster in the European Rugby Cup final from 17:45 to hang their 1st European star! Good luck ! @ChampionsCup_EN

17:32 : @malorie la rochelle (brand new) Minister of Sports Amélie Oudéa-Castéra tweeted in support of the Maritimes.

17:31 : Go to Stade Rochelais. You have to believe !

17:01 : Look no further for the big initiative of the day: a restaurateur from La Rochelle closed his restaurant today and took his staff to Marseille to attend the finals, reports southwest. Casually, it’s a bit of logistics: we had to rent a minibus to take 14 people. “We have a loyal staff, we have been working together for years, we get along well. It will do everyone good if we take a break before attacking the summer season.François Faure confides in a regional newspaper. A bit like a cohesion internship at the beginning of the year!

16:24 : Rugby fans have a meeting at 17:45 at the European Cup final between La Rochelle and Ir from Leinster. We will not lie to each other, Clover players are big favorites after the semifinals against Toulouse. And the Maritimes must stop an impressive series of lost finals. Our friends from franceinfo sport will give you the keys to the match.


10:10 : In Lyon, Progress greet the first European title of LOU, the city’s rugby club, this morning, the winner of the European Challenge last night. Team emphasizes the finals of the European Cup in Marseille, in which La Rochelle challenges the Irish of Leinster, and also seeks the first continental title. Liverpool and Real Madrid are playing the Champions League final in Saint-Denis tonight.

12:04 : Let’s recall the main information this Saturday morning:

After the shooting in Uvalde, the police admitted that not intervening earlier in school was a “bad decision”. The NRA convention, the gun lobby, opened last night in Texas. Donald Trump called “arm the citizens” combat “evil”.

“The situation in Donbas is very, very difficult”Volodymyr Zelensky said in a video last night when the Russian offensive intensified. Here’s what to remember from yesterday.

France has begun vaccinating contact cases of chickenpox patients, the Directorate-General for Health said yesterday. Two people received a smallpox vaccine.

The winner of Toulon, Lyon, offered the first European title in its history by winning the Challenge Cup (30-12).

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