Do you know Europazon, the French competitor of Amazon, which will be up and running soon?

Do you know Europazon, the French competitor of Amazon, which will be up and running soon?

The Europazon project hopes to officially launch its website at the end of June 2022. It calls on European manufacturers and traders to ensure the success of this ethical platform.

What if Amazon’s competitor was French? Europazon, launched from Médoc in Gironde, is an idea that sprouted during the imprisonment, even though Amazon forced itself on everyone and broke sales and profit records.

But if Amazon crushes everything since then, the American giant will crouch. Its environmental impact, its social and abusive practices imposed on the French VSE / SME are condemned, as is the fact that Amazon did not pay any tax in France in 2020 when the group achieved sales of 44 billion.

In order to quickly overshadow Amazon, Europazon hopes that its marketplace (online sales platform) will be launched at the end of June, but in the meantime, the site is attractive mainly for manufacturers and retailers.

“All players who respect Europazon’s DNA will be able to reach new French and European customers by digitizing their offer available on the platform,” the site said in a press release. With this promise: “You only pay when you sell! Subscription is for 0 euros / month “for professionals.

According to Europazon, the concept is just as attractive to consumers who “will be able to buy the same types of products as in other foreign markets (Amazon, Rakuten or Alibaba express): decorations, bedding, household appliances, furniture and high-tech … Made in France guarantee , Made in Europe or renovation and at the best price. “

“By buying a product, you buy the world that belongs to it.”

“E-commerce has become an essential tool of the European economy, let’s not let American or Chinese giants take over the sector!” Said Xavier Mahieu, co-founder of Europazon. “The choice of Made in France, Made in Europe and refurbished products will allow you to significantly reduce your carbon footprint and therefore take concrete action on the environment and climate change.” also produces nearby? Better consumption also means knowing that by buying a product you are buying the world that belongs to it. “

It is from Gironda that resistance to the Amazon is organized. It remains to be seen how experts and consumers will accept it. Start of response at the end of June at Europazon.

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