Do you really like Dacia Jogger?

Do you really like Dacia Jogger?

At the beginning of his career, Jogger didn’t have to wait long. Like all the latest generation Dacies, she keeps all her promises and gives you confidence.

While Dacia Jogger did not begin her career until early 2022, she is gradually making her way into the French automobile landscape. If he is still far from his sister Sandero, who is still widening the gap between competition between individuals, the new family of the Romanian manufacturer of the Lodgy minivan quickly forgot. With approximately 2,000 copies sold from January to April (between individuals only), they even follow certain references such as the Peugeot 3008 (2,300 copies) – which has made up for the particularly large shortage of components in the Lion since the beginning of the year – and the Hyundai Tucson (2,200 copies). In April, he even approached the top-15 and stepped on the heels of Renault Arkana. It is true that when we count sales to companies and “social reasons”, Jogger shows only 43rd place since the beginning of the year, but he achieves this performance with a less extensive range of engines than his closest competitor, the Daciaspecifically Duster.

Deserved place for the new Jogger

It must be said that behind a pleasant coating Jogger offers one of the most spacious interiors, offering five or seven real seats (+ € 800, except for the first price version), at an unbeatable price: from € 15,990 with 1.0 Eco-G 100 LPG. Dacia is deploying a liquefied petroleum gas package to make up for the oil shortage. And we have to admit that this small three-cylinder is surprisingly good, and at the pump it is also quite reasonable (7.5 l / 100 km measured by us). If it’s not perfect, especially when it comes to sound insulation, Jogger will convince families who need volume while taking care of their budget.. Success should inevitably be confirmed in the coming months, and even more so in 2023, when the 140 hp hybrid version is launched. This engine shared with Renault will make the Jogger no more or less than the first Dacia hybrid in history.

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Data on sales to individuals in April 2022

Rank Model Sales
Rank1 ModelDacia Sandero Sales3,181 th most common
Rank2 ModelPeugeot 208 Sales1,581 th most common
Rank3 ModelRenault Captur Sales1,577 th most common
Rank4 ModelFord Puma Sales1,511 th most common
Rank5 ModelRenault Clio Sales1,440 th most common
Rank10 ModelToyota Yaris Cross Sales1 097
Rank15 ModelRenault Arkana Sales905
Rank16 ModelDacia Jogger Sales877

Data on sales to individuals from January to April 2022

Rank Model Sales
Rank1 ModelDacia Sandero Sales15,423 th most common
Rank2 ModelRenault Clio Sales8,907 th most common
Rank3 ModelPeugeot 208 Sales8,735 th most common
Rank4 ModelRenault Captur Sales8,399 th most common
Rank5 ModelDacia Duster Sales7,623 th most common
Rank10 ModelTesla Model 3 Sales5,197 th most common
Rank20 ModelVW T-Roc Sales3,108 th most common
Rank27 ModelDacia Jogger Sales1,887 th most common

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