Dune Spice Wars: Lots of free content is about to land!

Dune Spice Wars: Lots of free content is about to land!

Game news Dune Spice Wars: Lots of free content is about to land!

Dune Spice Wars, a space-inspired strategy game by Frank Herbert, released in April, is a real success. This good news inspires developers who have just unveiled additional content that comes into the Early Access game.

Coming soon, even more content

If Dune Spice Wars has already enchanted everyone with an unforgettable trip to the planet Arrakis, the title still plans to drink new content. To prove this, Funcom and Shiro Games, the game’s publisher and developer, are unveiling the Early Access Road Map today. He already promises to add some main content, starting with the creation of a multiplayer mode. This game mode, expected this summer, will allow fans of the Frank Herbert universe or Denis Villeneuve’s film to face up to three other players in online games. That’s not all, also note that there will be a cooperative regime.

As experienced developers, Early Access, Funcom and Shiro Games know the value of feedback from the community and adapt accordingly, so the features shown in the Road Map may change. (However) the current priority is multiplayer. Shiro Games

As you can see, if you look at the road map available above, this summer will also be marked by the arrival of a completely new faction. The latter, as yet unknown, will join those already present, namely the Atreides, the Harkonnens, the Smugglers and the Fremen.

Later, Dune Spice Wars will also offer an Air & Sand update to deepen the game’s rules by introducing new units as well as new tactical elements. Even later, a big news emerges: it’s the founding of Heroes, iconic characters that turn into controllable units on the map. The latter have unique abilities that we think can in themselves disrupt the course of the game.

We remind you that Dune Spice Wars is currently in a preliminary approach. Version 1.0 is expected in late 2022, early 2023.

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