Earvin Ngapeth after France – Netherlands: “We wanted to celebrate our medal”

Earvin Ngapeth after France - Netherlands: "We wanted to celebrate our medal"

Earvin Ngapeth (forward and captain of the French team after the victory against the Netherlands): “It was cool, full, there was an atmosphere, and we, at first we were surprised. When you get to the playground, it’s beautiful. You get hit. We won in Tokyo, but it hurt a bit on the stage because the room was completely empty. We wanted to celebrate the medal, play at home, see the full hall. And it’s important to start with victory, for us and for Andrea (Giani)which is slowly gaining its marks. We will have a great summer. »

Pierre Derouillon (receiver-forward): “It was huge.” I thought about that during the first two sets (was a substitute), there may not be many who played their first match for the French team in front of 5000 people, and moreover, by finally winning, I couldn’t have dreamed better. It’s hard to go home after the guys, we have to find ourselves and it’s not easy to go home in front of so many people, in the end we did something comprehensive. The coach told us yesterday (Thursday) that we will go to the third set. It allows us to approach more calmly when we know we will be back. First, it helped me know when to intervene. »

Pierre Derouillon awarded his first selection to the French team on Friday. (A. Réau / Team)

Antoine Brizard (setter): “Finding the French public is always emotional. After the games, everything happened very quickly, it was so intense that we could not enjoy it. I think we have all forgotten a little, we are glad that the French public has not forgotten. It’s always important to win a match, but a lot of things are wrong. We have a good lead, we lack rhythm, contact, we have made a lot of contact mistakes that do not seem to us, whether at the reception, in the passing pass, during recovery. But that’s not too worrying. »

Andrea Giani (coach): “It was an interesting game. I could count on substitutes, I liked it. But we really need to train, play together. In the future we all know that guys will have to learn my style, work with game systems and now I need them a little more. This group is very talented and I really like young players, they play very well, they started at 0-6 (in the third set), but they found a solution to win. »

Andrea Giani, the new coach of the French team.  (A. Réau / Team)

Andrea Giani, the new coach of the French team. (A. Réau / Team)


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