EasyJet flight cancellation: refunds, compensation … what are the rights of passengers?

EasyJet flight cancellation: refunds, compensation ... what are the rights of passengers?

About 200 flights were canceled by easyJet on Thursday due to a computer crash. The British company stated that the passengers concerned would be able to claim compensation “as set out in the regulations”.

The Rise Weekend, which started badly for thousands of passengers. On Thursday, easyJet was forced to cancel about 200 flights due to a computer crash. The “small number of flights” was still affected this Friday morning, although the failure was “resolved”, the low-cost airline said, adding that the passengers concerned would be able to claim “prescribed” compensation.

Within the European Union, passengers’ rights in the event of flight cancellation are governed by EC Regulation 261/2004. This applies to all flights departing from an EU country, regardless of the airline, as well as to flights arriving in the Community from outside the EU, provided that they are operated by a company established in one of the 27 Member States.

Although easyJet is a company based outside the European Union, EU rules also apply to flights from the United Kingdom, and the British government, despite Brexit, has decided to incorporate European passenger rights rules into its legislation.

Refunds, redirects or credit

In the event of cancellation, the airline must offer the passenger a refund or a replacement flight to the destination as soon as possible. If the passenger opts for the second option, the carrier must bear all the costs of the hotel and meals.

The third possibility is that the company will offer credit for a flight later. However, this solution, widely used during a health crisis, cannot be imposed on a passenger who must first accept the conditions. Otherwise, he will be refunded.


If the flight was canceled less than 14 days before the scheduled departure date, passengers are also entitled to the compensation they must claim. It varies between 125 and 600 euros, depending on the flight distance and the delay with which the traveler arrived at his destination.

For example, the compensation will be € 250 for a canceled flight shorter than 1500 km if it is never replaced or if the replacement flight arrives with a delay of more than 2 hours compared to the original flight.

The airline is not obliged to pay compensation if it proves that the flight was canceled due to extraordinary circumstances (weather, political instability, security risks, etc.). On the other hand, most technical problems are not considered exceptional circumstances and therefore establish a right to compensation.

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