Élan Béarnais in the last four for the first time since 2006, acknowledging the failure of Metropolitans 92

Brandon Jefferson  Elan Béarnais

After defeating Marcel Cerdan (77:94) on Wednesday night, Elan Béarnais found Metropolitans 92 for Betclic ELITE’s playoff quarterfinals. By dominating Boulogne-Levallois (81-71), Eric Bartecheky’s men did it again and qualified for the semifinals, for the first time since 2006.

Boulogne-Levallois resists the break

Elan Béarnais was the replacement Gregor Hrovat (5 points and 11 rebounds). With a lack of skills, Vincent Collet’s men saw Pau widen the gap in this first quarter (19-11, 7 ‘). Despite a strong reaction from Ile-de-France, driven by Fr. Vincent Hunter (23 points and 10 rebounds for 20 ratings) at the end of the quarter, Elan Béarnais retained control (22-16, 10 ‘).

From the beginning of the second quarter, the offensive festival on Pau’s side continued. Worn by a duo Hamady Ndiaye (10 points and 7 rebounds for 19 ratings) – Jeremy Leloup (21 points and 3 rebounds per 26 ratings) The Béarnais led 11 lengths before releasing in the defensive and saw Ile-de-France catch up (29-26, 14 ‘). The Metropolitans relied on the more aggressive in defense Will Cummings (14 points, 3 rebounds and 5 assists) to stay in touch with Pau in this first act. Elan Béarnais (39-33, 20 ‘) remained in the lead during the break.

The Jefferson-Leloup pair qualifies Pau for the semifinals

Metropolitans 92 returned to court with better intentions. Thanks to the very good passage of the Cummings-Hunter tandem, Vincent Collet’s players (44-45, 24 ‘) dominated the match for the first time in the match. Discreet in the first third, Brandon Jefferson (28 points, 3 rebounds and 5 assists for 26 ratings) stabilized the goal and allowed his team to regain their distance in this match, forcing the Ile-de-France coach to stop the game (52-47, 26 ‘). Although Ile-de-France finished this third quarter well, Pau retained the advantage ten minutes before the end (59-54, 30 ‘).

Driven by the public in the merger, Eric Bartecheky’s men remained united in defense and the address did not weaken, quite the contrary. After the Jefferson-Leloup duo, Elan Béarnais deepened the gap again in the best of times and quietly managed this end of the match (71-63, 36 ‘). At the end of the controlled match, Palois eventually won 81:71 and made it to the Betclic ELITE playoff semifinals, for the first time since 2006.

And what will be the future of the Mets?

On the contrary, the season ended in a flagrant failure for Metropolitans 92. The leader of Betclic ÉLITE, for the vast majority of the championship, collapsed the Ile-de-France team in the final sprint. The collapse, which coincides with many doubts about the future of the club, was caught up in political disputes between Levallois and Boulogne-Billancourt. For a long time, the sports field was a ray of sunshine facing the administrative field. From now on, there is no one to catch up with the other …

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