Elden Ring: From software changes The difficulty of the boss!

Elden Ring: From software changes The difficulty of the boss!

Game news Elden Ring: From software changes The difficulty of the boss!

FromSoftware is apparently watching Elden Ring with great interest. The studio regularly brings patches and fixes for its latest addition, repetitive adjustments that can drastically change the gaming experience. Except that sometimes the studio reserves the right to reveal all these changes. One of the most recent has been noticed by the community and its goal is to facilitate some boss fights.

A challenging story

FromSoftware games are known and recognized for their increased difficulty, a feature that pays off for players in today’s video game industry. Known for their high challenges, SoulsBorne today represents a kind of video game challenge that rewards anyone who tries to face all the dangers to achieve the final titles.

We owe this idea to Hidetaka Miyazaki, the majority director of Souls-like from From Software and the current president of the studio. A strong desire for game design welcomed by a large number of players who accept the famous “Git Gud” as a real way of life. If this principle resides throughout SoulsBorne, the latest Elden Ring has turned a little away from this philosophy in the eyes of a section of the community.

Whether it’s freedom of access, sometimes a bit of an unbalanced build, or even a summoning system, many people consider Elden Ring to be a “simpler” game than usual. If it is definitely possible not to share this point of view, it is clear that From Software sometimes decides to soften its experience. A recent discovery by the community sheds light on one of the studio’s decisions on how to facilitate some boss fights.

Caught in a nervous act

He’s a cameraman Illusory wall who shared his finding in one of his recent videos. According to him, From Software would decide to reduce the difficulty of some bosses during patch 1.04 deployed last April. Besides … this change was never reported by the director in question. This nerve would only apply to Group Bosses, such as the Crucible Knight duo or the Sanctechair duo.

What form should this nerve take? Also, according to Illusory Wall, opponents would be less aggressive in this situation and would offer players the opportunity to attack more regularly. Those who ascended the throne of Lord of Elden know how challenging these battles can be. If this decision may seem welcome to anyone, there is no doubt that it should disappoint fans of difficult challenges.

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