Epic Games Store: We offer a basic video game trilogy!

Epic Games Store: We offer a basic video game trilogy!

Game news Epic Games Store: We offer a basic video game trilogy!

Not only that, the national holiday begins with an extended weekend for those who are lucky. But other than that, “Thursday” rhymes with “free,” Epic Games is giving us the usual meeting with a new mysterious game this week.

Three games for the price of one!

As every week, Epic Games is back in video game news so players can restore one or more games for free.
This week it’s Bioshock: The Collection, which landed on the Store. Looking back on a major video game trilogy.

Bioshock: The Collection is an HD remastered compilation of three franchise titles developed by 2K Games.

  • BioshockThe first of the name, was originally released in August 2007 on PC and Xbox 360, then in October 2008 on PlayStation 3. In the skin of a survivor named Jack, the game immerses you in the depths of the Atlantic Ocean, in Rapture, a utopian submarine city built by a billionaire megalomaniac.
  • Bioshock 2 it comes two years later and follows directly on from the events of the first episode, eight years later. As a protector on behalf of ” Delta theme Rapture remains your playground, where your task is to find the Little Sister you are connected to.
  • Finally, BioShock Infinite is the last episode of the trilogy released in March 2013. In another environment, the game set its context in the floating city of Columbia. In a game for a private detective named Booker DeWitt, your task is to find the missing young woman who is a prisoner of the city.

Note that this compilation also includes all DLCs.

Second in line

After Borderlands 3 last week Bioshock: The Collection is the second mysterious game to be unveiled at Mega Sales.. It is also the second in a series of four free games available until June 16, 2022.
Usually available for € 59.99 at the Epic Games Store, so it’s a good opportunity to get it for free, especially for players who haven’t had a chance to discover the trilogy yet. To do this, as usual, meet at game page get a copy by next Thursday, June 2 at 5:00 p.m.. When the deadline expires, it’s time for a third mysterious game to be revealed.

Epic Games Store: We offer a basic video game trilogy!

So see you next week and remember: once you own the games, they will be permanently added to your library.

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