Eternal youth is coming! prof. Dr. Kutluk Oktay’s study that will leave traces in medicine! It ends menopause

Eternal youth is coming!  prof.  Dr.  Kutluk Oktay's study that will leave traces in medicine!  It ends menopause

A Turkish scientist who made history by performing an ovarian tissue transplant for the first time in the world in 1999, Prof. Dr. Kutluk Oktay is now preparing to end menopause. Director of the Yale University Molecular Reproduction and Fertility Preservation Laboratory Prof. Dr. Kutluk Oktay returns menopause by the same method and gives women hope to become mothers at the age they want. If this revolutionary study in medicine becomes the standard treatment, menopause will end. Diseases such as cardiovascular disease and osteoporosis, which occur as a result of menopause in women, will also disappear.

Come to our country for a congress organized by TAJEV-Turkish-German Foundation for Research and Services of Gynecological Education, Prof. Dr. Kutluk Oktay evaluated revolutionary scientific studies in women’s lives for our newspapers.

Explaining that ovarian tissue transplantation, which was administered to women who underwent cancer treatment and had a low egg reserve, was no longer an experimental study after 2019 and was accepted as a medical practice, Prof. Dr. Oktay said: “Freezing eggs for use at an advanced age, but before entering menopause, is standard practice.” However, a very limited number of eggs can be frozen and stored. Two thousand eggs are spent every month. On the other hand, ovarian tissue transplantation taken from women with cancer before and after treatment has increased the number of cases in which we have reversed menopause. We launched a new study that stopped menopause by conducting this treatment, which was successful in both cancer and healthy women.


He explains that for women with cancer, a piece of one-third of the ovary is removed from the outer membrane of the ovary and frozen after special procedures. Dr. Oktay said: “We are performing surgery with a robot or laparoscopy.” It is a very simple process. An operation that does not require a woman to lie down. A small piece of frozen ovarian tissue is then removed and placed under the skin in the abdomen with little surgery. Ovarian tissue transferred to the abdomen stimulates the ovary and allows the woman to produce eggs again. According to the results I just published, I’ve been through five years, but there are also those who go under 10 years. There are also oncology patients who have babies naturally with this method, “he said.


Explaining that they also solved the mechanism of causing egg drop in women, Prof. Dr. Oktay said his laboratory at Yale University was also conducting studies on a drug that stopped menopause, and said: “We are also working on a drug that slows the death of ovarian follicles. Thanks to this drug, it will be possible to move the age of menopause much further. “


He explains that studies are continuing in men who do not have children due to chemotherapy, Prof. Dr. Kutluk Oktay said: “We will also freeze tissue jugs. We are also preparing to perform the world’s first testicle transplant in a few years. Our Puerto Rican patient, whose first tissue we froze, came up with a request for a transplant. But the structure of the testicles is different from the structure of the uterus. That’s why I haven’t decided where to move yet. We transplant back into the testis or under the abdomen. Another study on this topic is to slow down the repair of DNA, which decreases with age in the testicles. Future fathers have healthier children.
It will be possible, “he said.


The finding that DNA helices are disturbed by age, chemotherapy, radiation and other environmental influences and due to the body’s inability to repair them, senile diseases and cancer appear. Dr. Oktay explained that they were also working on gene therapies to repair DNA damage. With the statement that the information obtained from studies on ovarian reserve can also be used for the prevention of diseases affecting the whole body, Prof. Dr. Oktay said: “If we can increase DNA repair, we will delay aging. What this will mean is that the decline in the quality and number of eggs will decrease with age, the fertility period will increase and the age of menopause will progress. The disease will decrease. Cancer, Alzheimer’s, heart disease, these are all diseases of aging. We are aging, but we are aging slowly. “


Pointing out that the hopes of delaying menopause in healthy women are born by freezing one third of the ovaries, prof. Dr. Oktay said: “With ovarian tissue transplantation, it is not only possible to have a baby naturally, but also to delay all the diseases that menopause, skin aging and wrinkles bring. These are still experimental studies. The results will come in the coming years. Our first goal is a delay of 3-5 years. With new technologies, this can be extended for as long as you want. We can perform tissue transfer several times, “he said.

Source: Türkiye Newspaper

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