Euro NCAP crash test: bad result for the new Peugeot 308!

Crash-test Euro NCAP : mauvais résultat pour la nouvelle Peugeot 308 !

If Dacia’s poor score may have attracted attention during the publication of the latest Euro NCAP results, the Stellantis group also has a series of poor performances. And these are not low-cost vehicles with intentionally light equipment. These are the most modern vehicles.

After the DS4, which had four stars with basic equipment and five stars with the safety package, there is a new 308, which also has four stars… and that is the only result for it. Obviously, 4 stars is not good for this vehicle. And even punishment for technical cousin Opel Astra, also with 4 stars. Lower category vehicles received 5 stars, even with the strictest last rating, which gives priority to driving assistance (eg Škoda Fabia).

But what bothers 308 the most (note that it’s the station wagon that crashed) is the fact that the lost star doesn’t come from a misconfigured assistance. In the adult protection section, he had only 76%, a low score at this level of range, barely better than Sander. Even with its 4 stars, DS 4 had 85% in this chapter. In the event of a frontal impact, the 308 model shows the driver’s torso in particular according to Euro NCAP. In the event of a side impact, its head is also poorly protected on the side opposite the impact. In child protection, it is 86% better, but in a frontal collision, the car loses a few points with the average score for the oldest children.

For vulnerable road users, ie pedestrians and cyclists, the score is 68% on average. The windshield is a great danger for pedestrians. And emergency braking failed in the face of pedestrians at the intersection. On the other hand, it worked well against the cyclist. He was quite average in the face of cars.

The Opel Astra therefore has similar results. The technical structure is logically the same as for the 308. Its adult protection score is slightly better, 80%, but the protection of the front passengers is average. Emergency braking also detected faults.

If Stellantis fails, other brands have performed well. Mercedes and Volvo confirm their status as champions in safety with 5 stars and a high score for the C and C40 class. 5 stars also for Kia EV6 and Volkswagen Multivan. He also has nice results, which proves that his design is modern.

Results May 25

Global brand Adults Children Pedestrians / cyclists Device
Kia EV6 5 stars 90% 86% 64% 87%
Mercedes class C 5 stars 93% 89% 80% 82%
Vauxhall Astra 4 stars 80% 82% 67% 66%
Peugeot 308 4 stars 76% 84% 68% 65%
Volvo C40 5 stars 92% 89% 70% 89%
VW Multivan 5 stars 90% 89% 69% 87%

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